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Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Review

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Updated December 1, 2022
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Having the best bagged vacuum does come with advantages, despite the extra cost. One example, the Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum, gives plenty of reasons not to count them out yet. Equipped to handle large jobs, this bagged vacuum comes with an incredibly long power cable to complement its huge debris capacity. If you want more standing vacuums, visit this best vacuum cleaner list.

Why We Like It – Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum

For big jobs, the Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum is packing a long power cord, on top of a large vacuum bag capacity of 9.5 quarts or 2.375 lbs, in addition to a wide cleaning path.

  • Vacuum bags hold 9.5 quarts
  • Very long power cord length
  • Helpful guide bundled inside
  • No automatic cord rewind
  • No attachments included


If you were hoping to yank dirt from carpets, and not just from the top, then the Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum won’t let you down. It can also tackle various thicknesses thanks to the ability to alter its height, which you’ll be doing anyways based on the job.

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Speed & Efficiency

With a 7 amp motor and a regular cleaning schedule, the Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum is cleaning carpets and floors at a great rate. This is especially true when looking at its wide cleaning path of 1 foot (12 inches) and 50-foot power cord. More importantly, the vacuum bags capture 99.7 of microscopic particles and allergens, a direct competitor to the Oreck Magnesium or the Oreck Commercial upright XL2100. We only wish it had an automatic cord rewind for its long, 50-foot cord.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Since this isn’t a canister vacuum, Sanitaire Upright Vacuums use disposable bags. Any other time we’d see that as a negative, but Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners hold up to 2.375 gallons (9.5 quarts) of debris. That’s twice as much as the Miele Complete C3 Marin.

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Made of durable chrome and plastic, the Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum isn’t the winner of durability, but rather longevity. Like any vacuum made of the same material, taking care of it is crucial, or else you’ll see it react to degradation a lot sooner. Thankfully, it required very little maintenance. Out of our commercial vacuum cleaner reviews, this model stands out as a decent option for someone who’s looking for something more low-maintenance.


If you were on the fence about picking up a Kenmore Upright Vacuum, we highly recommend you consider the Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum first, despite its aged appearance and slightly higher price. It’s the kind of vacuum you have to leave your floors quite clean, due to its heavy-duty performance. The only thing you miss out on is attachments.

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Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Wrap Up

The Sanitaire Commercial offers great suction power, despite its aged design. Its goal is to pick up as much as possible in one go. You can see this by examining its long, 50-foot power cord and 9.5-quart debris capacity. There’s even a guide to help you get started, making it the ideal device for commercial use.