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The R1 eLine Series Brake Rotors come diamond slotted for improved pad bite which leads to greater braking power. Just be sure these brakes are able to fit your car (you can use the Amazon page for that) because the list of compatible vehicles is pretty small. Check out our list of best car brakes for more great options!

Why We Like It – R1 Concepts eLine Front Rear Brake Rotors Ceramic Kits

The R1 Concepts eLine Front Rear Brake Rotors Ceramic Kits come with cross-drilled slotted rotors and precision-drilled holes for maximum heat dissipation to improve your brake’s lifetime. The four brake rotors and eight ceramic brake pads means you’ll have a whole-car system instead of just a front or rear system like most braking systems.

  • Rotros come diamond slotted for improved pad bite
  • Countersunk to reduce heat stress
  • Whole-car braking system
  • Customer service issues
  • Small window of compatible vehicles
  • No word on brake dust


The R1 Concepts eLine Brake Pads come with cross drilled slotted rotors which are diamond slotted to increase brake pad bite which gives your brakes significantly improved braking power. The R1 Concepts are also zinc-coated (in fact, all the part numbers on the eLine series are) for improved corrosion protection. Unfortunately, there is no word on brake dust, which is a little concerning considering the asbestos it can generate. You can check out the Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic if you’d like a solid stance on the matter.


The R1 Concepts eLine Brake System contains precision drilled holes for maximum heat dissipation which prevents warping and, ultimately, leads to an extension in your brake’s life. It’s also countersunk to reduce heat stress and cracks, further amplifying their lifetime. If you’re unsure whether these brakes will fit your car, the Amazon page comes with a handy filter that will allow you to input the make & model of your car to see if the brakes fit. But if you drive an Acura or Honda, perhaps consider the K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic.


The R1 Concepts eLine Car Truck Brake Rotors come with four brake rotors and eight ceramic brake pads with installation hardware for a whole-car braking system that’s simple to install. But you should be aware that some customer reviews regarding warranty on the brake parts aren’t so positive so you may want to steer clear of their ‘contact us’ page. It’s also unavailable on Amazon, so we have no idea if it qualifies for free shipping, unfortunately. But knowing how brake rotors are priced they probably are. Check out the Wagner QuickStop ZD866 Installation Hardware if you need affordable brakes now.

R1 Concepts eLine Front Rear Brake Rotors Ceramic Kits Wrap Up

The R1 Concepts eLine Front Rear Brake Rotors Ceramic Kits are an, overall, good braking system with features designed to both improve it’s lifespan and to make you entire car stop with just the push of a brake pedal. Take into consideration the customer service issues, sure, but the man drawback will be the lack of specifications on brake dust.

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