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Power Probe is one of those companies that even if it doesn’t have that many releases in the market, the one release that it’s got is probably the best one you’ll find around. The Power Probe Bakit01 is one particular brake bleeder that’s got potentially everything you could need regardless of the car you’re dealing with. The whole brake bleeder kit comes with as many as 12 adapters, and they’re all color coded for easier identification of each. The master kit is more of a professional’s tool than anything else, but if you tend to be on the road a lot, then it might also be something that you need. Hang around for this review, and by the end of it, you’ll be able to establish whether or not the Bakit01 is the best brake bleeder kit available or not.

Why We Like It – Power Probe BAKIT01 Master Brake Bleeder Kit

Regardless of the type of master cylinder adapter that your car’s brake system might require for bleeding, chances are, the Power Probe BAKIT01 probably comes with one that is compatible with yours.

  • Works with a wide range of cars
  • Includes 12 different adapters
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Expensive


If you’ve never used any other bleeder kit before then you probably know that sometimes it’s just difficult to decide the kind of adapters you need to get for your car. Unlike the Motive Products European Bleeder Pressure kit, the Power Probe brake bleeders kit comes with up to 12 different master cylinder adapters, so chances are the one for your car is most likely among those. To ensure that no leaks happen whenever you’re bleeding your car, the Power Probe master brake bleeder kit comes with o-rings that keep all the seals strong and tight. This helps to ensure a good continuous pressure, as well as a steady flow rate.


The most interesting thing about the Power Probe Bakit 01 pressure brake bleeders in terms of design is the color coating that you’ll find the different adapters in. This allows for easier identification, and since they also have aluminium & iron cast bodies, they’re sure to be a lot more durable than other choices. When compared to the Motive Products Pressure Clutch Bleeder, the main difference between the two is the lack of a hand pump and a pressure gauge, but otherwise, they both do the same job very well.


This Power Probe brake bleeding kit also comes with a blow mold carry case that makes it a lot easier to carry it around. The kit includes 90-degree male hose couplings, and these are used to attach to your brake bleeders and ensure that the brake fluid flows easily. Like the Capri Tools Vacuum Brake Bleeder kit, the Power Probe kit doesn’t come with an air compressor, so you’ll just have to get one separately.

Power Probe BAKIT01 Master Brake Bleeder Kit Wrap Up

There aren’t as many bleeder kits that come with up to 12 different adapters that work with a wide range of master cylinders like the Power Probe Bakit01 does. This allows for greater versatility, and is a great pick for a professional whose work involves dealing with cars all the time.

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