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If you’re on the market for the best AUX cable in terms of durability, with performance taking a backseat, then the Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones are what you’re after. The 24K gold-plated contacts provide a clean sound, but it’s the construction of the cables that are impressive. Polished metal with a silver core and nylon braided covering, it exudes durability.

Why We Like It – Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones

The Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones are all about durability with its 24K gold-plated contacts, nylon braided cord with a silver wire core, and metal housing.

  • Universal compatibility
  • Durable, tangle free double braided nylon cable
  • 24K gold plated connectors offer high quality sound
  • Cases can pose problems
  • Produces hissing and popping sounds


The Oldboytech AUX Cables for Car Stereos Speaker iPod iPad Headphones and MP3 Players put durability ahead of audio performance. However, many premium auxiliary audio cables use 24K gold-plated contacts to create premium sound quality, which Oldboytech AUX Cables have. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the cables from producing popping and hissing in the background. But if Hi Fi sound is what you’re after, we suggest picking up the Anker Premium Auxiliary Headphones iPhones. They still use 24K gold-plated contacts, but provide a more reliable signal.


If there’s anything the Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones does better, it’s durability. The Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones Nylon Braided AUX Cord is armed to the teeth with durability features. The cable is wrapped in double braided nylon, which has a silver wire core and metal housing around the audio jack. It’s also universally compatible with devices—devices including: MP3 players, car stereos, iPhones, iPads. If it has a 3.5mm port, it’s usually compatible. However, it often has problems reaching ports through cases. That’s not an issue with the iVanky Auxiliary Compatible Headphone Speaker.


The Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones are capable of sending high quality sound, but that hissing and popping is a dead give away. The only reason you would pick up a pair of Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones is if you’re someone who can’t help but break AUX cords all day. If you’re prone to accidents, the cable’s layers of durability will really come in handy considering they’re rated with a bend lifespan of 15000+. Throwing $8 down is a fair price, with free delivery, though the Syncwire Auxiliary Headphones Stereos Smartphones might be more useful.

Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones Wrap Up

If anything, the Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones are some of the most durable AUX cords on our list. That combination of nylon, silver, and metal housing comes in handy. Sound quality can be good, but it’s a gamble; hissing and popping otherwise. So long as you can reach the 3.5mm port, you have mostly universal compatibility.

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