Odyssey 35 PC1400T Automotive LTV Battery Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Batteries Odyssey contains an almost seventy percent longer life cycle compared to conventional automotive batteries and the same holds true for the Odyssey YellowTop. It’s expensive, mind, but that’s to be expected with a battery as feature rich as this. Check out our best car battery list for more great choices!

Why We Like It – Odyssey 35 PC1400T Automotive LTV Battery

The Odyssey 35 PC1400T Automotive LTV Battery contains an impressively high 850 cold crank amps to give your car or truck the boost it needs to start in the middle of winter. It’s constructed using pure virgin lead instead of lead alloy for maximum surface coverage and can fully charge in four to six hours so you can be back on the road faster.

  • 70% longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries
  • Non-spillable design
  • 3 and 4 year warranties
  • Expensive
  • Exact reserve capacity unknown


The Battery Odyssey PC1400T explodes out of the gate with an outstanding 850 cold cranking amps which is excellent news for those of you who live in a climate where winters get below freezing and need extra starting power. And as is common with Odyssey batteries, you can expect about seventy percent longer service life than conventional batteries. Because there is no dead pace between cylinders the reserve capacity is forty percent more. However, the exact time is unknown. Check out the Optima Batteries 8014 045 YellowTop Purpose for an impressive 120 minute reserve capacity.


Odyssey Batteries come designed with lead plates made of pure virgin lead, instead of lead alloy, so they can pack in more plates on the plate surface area of the battery and give it more power and longer life cycle. Hence the 850 CCA and seventy percent longer battery. The Odyssey batteries also have fifteen percent more surface capacity because they aren’t spiral wound. The non-spillable design offers mounting flexibility without the worry of electrolyte spillage. You can also check out the Optima Batteries 8020 164 35 Starting for a similar non-spillable designed battery.


The Odyssey Battery retails for $295.00 over on Amazon which is a little on the expensive side. But at least you qualify for free shipping. If you’d like something cheaper, check out the ODYSSEY PC680 Odyssey Battery. The Odyssey lead battery is capable of 100% recharge in about four to six hours and has a nominal capacity Ah of 20HR. The warranty is also worth noting with Odyssey offering three or four year options where most companies only offer two. No

Odyssey 35 PC1400T Automotive LTV Battery Wrap Up

The Odyssey 35 PC1400T Automotive LTV Battery grants you mounting freedom thanks to the non-spillable design and impressive three or four year warranties where most car battery companies only offer two. Reserve capacity is forty percent more, Odyssey claims, but we wish they would give us an exact number instead.

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