Are the best shows on Hulu better than Netflix? The conundrum continues over which subscription service is best for streaming movies and TV shows. Today’s comparison puts veteran contender Netflix up against the relatively new Hulu Plus. Both offer affordable prices for streaming content, but which is superior? Movie buffs and die-hard TV fans might have different opinions to this question, but here’s what we narrowed it down to.

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Netflix has been top dog in video subscription for a minute, taking out the likes of Hollywood video and in some cases, many of Blockbuster’s stand-alone stores. Many people now use Amazon Prime to rent movies (make sure to read our Hulu Plus vs Amazon Prime review to learn more). Netflix first started out as a DVD-by-mail program, but then evolved to include streaming movies, which is what many take advantage of now. Hulu jumped on the scene in 2007 and started as a free online video service that offered a selection of hit shows, movies and more (which is still does with a regular Hulu membership), but recently added Hulu Plus as an ad-supported subscription lifestyle service that offers more content over the free version.

User Friendly

Like most video subscription services, both Hulu Plus and Netflix are accessed via the Internet (initially at least). You sign into both your Netflix and Hulu account to access all the movies and shows you desire. Both offer free trials to test out if you like their services. I would recommend having a look at the best TVs, so that you can get the most out of these services, because trust me, many of these shows are visually stunning.

Hulu Plus is a streaming only service, while Netflix also offers a DVD mail program, where you pick your titles online and form a “wish list,” then get them sent to you via mail with no due date. Once you finish watching the movie, send it back and another from your list gets sent out.

Winner: Tie given both are fairly easy to operate. Just sign up online, create a password and you’re ready to start watching your favorite movies and TV shows, as well as discover new titles.

Compatible Devices

So far, Netflix has a number of compatible devices. Maybe it’s because it’s been around longer or because it’s been a leader in the industry, but whatever the case is, you can access your account and watch movies and shows via: PC and Mac computers, gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, Wii; plenty of iOS devices; Android-based devices; the Windows phone; some Internet-connected Blu-ray players HTDTVs; TiVo or Roku; D-Link; and home theater systems from a number of manufactures. Users can easily connect various devices to one account and then jump from one device to the next seamlessly.

Hudu Plus doesn’t have as many options, but still has most of the most used ones on their list. Compatible devices include: Xbox 360, PS3, Roku, iOS devices, Android phones/tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nintendo 3DS, Samsung TVs/Blu-ray players, Sony TVs/Blu-ray players, VIZIO TVs/Blu-ray players, TiVo Premiere, LG TVs/Blu-ray players, Panasonic TVs/Blu-ray players, computers and WD TV Media Players. It’s coming soon to Wii gaming consoles, too. Hulu Plus also allows viewers to migrate their viewing experience across several devices like Netflix.

Winner: Netflix has more devices so it wins here.


Netflix has tons of titles in their library, with more than 100,000 titles on DVD and Blu-ray (even some that are unrated and NC-17). The company also states that they have “tens of thousands” of titles available for streaming (including HD options). Hulu Plus doesn’t say their exact number of titles, but does state that they have “thousands of critically-acclaimed and award-winning movies, many featuring no commercial interruption.” But it’s estimated (from other sources) that it features more than 43,000 TV episodes from more than 1,650 current and classic television shows, as well as more 2,500 films including exclusives from the Criterion Collection.

Winner: Since Hulu Plus doesn’t want to give up their exact number of titles (it’s probably not as much as much as Netflix anyways), Netflix is our winner.

Membership Perks

Netflix boasts membership perks like a month of free service (when first testing it out), the ability to rate videos for future recommendations, offers suggestions that are based on your past viewing patterns, allows you to keep track of the videos you have already seen and those you’d like to see in the future. And it allows you to halt your subscription for a few months if you won’t be using the service for let’s say a vacation, etc. Hulu Plus offers die-hard TV fans the ability to watch the most recent seasons, with new episodes uploaded the day after the show airs on TV.

Winner: Tie because the latest in TV episodes are great, but then again so is having the ability to freeze your Netflix account.


Netflix loads of great content thanks to its various big licensing deals with the likes of CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, BBC libraries, Sony, and DreamWorks Animation (which is totally exclusive but doesn’t start until 2013. But Hulu Plus isn’t doing so bad either given it streams current episodes of TV shows from the channels and networks like Fox, NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Company, The Biography Channel, MTV Networks, National Geographic Channel and Public Broadcasting Service. It also scored an exclusive deal with the Criterion Collection.

Winner: Netflix still offers more of a variety in both movies and TV shows than Hulu Plus.

Speed of Service

For Hulu Plus, you need specific requirements when streaming videos on your computer. You’ll need: Adobe Flash Player or above; Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above, or Chrome; Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or above, Macintosh OS X 10.4 or above, or Linux; and JavaScript and Cookies enabled. For Netflix, it’s recommended that users have a minimum speed of 500kps (0.5 MB) for maximum viewing results.

Winner: Tie


Netflix offers HD movies and can stream videos and shows in 1080p video. Hulu Plus streams in HD when available, with shows having a high-def. (720p) resolution.

Winner: Netflix’s ability to stream 1080p tops Hulu Plus’ 720p.


Netflix increased its price, which turned many away, while Hulu Plus still includes advertisements, which can be a huge turnoff for many. They do this to reduce the monthly subscription price of service since it’s costly to make and license a lot of its content (especially current TV seasons).

Winner: Ads are never great so Netflix takes triumphs here!


Hulu charges customers $7.99/month and you can cancel anytime. Netflix has a couple tiers for their pricing. For $7.99, you get unlimited streaming movies OR unlimited one-disc at a time rentals ($11.99 for two unlimited). If you want both, you have to pay $15.98. If you want Blu-ray discs, you’re going to have to dish out an extra $2 a month.

Winner: Netflix provides more bang for you buck (without ads).

Overall Winner

Netflix still overs the best value when it comes down to it. Sure, TV buffs will love the fact that Hulu Plus offers videos of the most recent episodes to a variety of shows, it still doesn’t have Netflix’s extensive title offerings. Plus ads can be vary annoying no matter how low the subscription price is!

Kristie Bertucci

Kristie Bertucci is an L.A.-based writer, who can't live without her MacBook Pro. When she's not writing, she's either reading or shopping (online, of course) and loves lazy days so she can catch up on her DVR-recorded shows and movies. She's definitely a Mac girl, she loves music and is currently on a mission to to have an insane and enviable iTunes library.

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  1. No matter how you look at it . . . It doesn’t matter which you pick . . . unless you’re black.

  2. I found using Hulu Plus was such a slow, unfriendly pain in the butt, I cancelled. I’ve been using Netflix for 2 months and for the most part I like using it better. That said the content is old as stated-and the American movie selection sucks for the most part-some cool foreign films and docs, tho. Hulu Plus Criterion collection is fantastic if you;re a film buff like me. You can see most of Ozu’s non-silent films, eg. I’m also frustrated by lack of current content on Netflix. All said, I may re-up Hulu and pay for both, just to make sure I NEVER do anything productive.

  3. “Netflix still overs the best value when it comes down to it.”  I agree but I am so sick of errors, “still overs” should be “still offers”. Doesn’t anyone check their work anymore.

  4. Good, informative article. The only thing I take issue with is the clear bias toward Netflix. If it “won” the price comparison when it is obviously more expensive, then how can I trust Kristie’s judgment in the other categories? 

    PS The comment thread on this article gave me lots of laughs. :)

  5. i like netflex but my movies stops regular to buffer this month it didn’t do that before can this be fixed ?

    1. test your internet speed at, and compare to speeds required on netflix’ help pages. if it’s too slow, upgrade your internet service.

  6. The only thing that Hulu has over Netflix is that they have a player that works in linux. Otherwise their plus service for consoles like PS3 sucks. The only titles that are available on the console are ones with the plus symbol. if it doesn’t have a plus symbol by it the Hulu plus console cannot access it. Which is to say a computer can access all selections if you have a Hulu plus account but the console cannot with a hulu plus account, just the ones with the plus symbol and not the ones without the plus symbol. Kinda painful if you got the hulu plus to stream you favorite non plus show and cannot access it with your console or handheld device. 

  7. Wouldnt Compatable Devices also include any linux based PC? This should give at least allow a tie between Netflix and Hulu for that category.

  8. Hulu does keep shows updated more often then netflix. However Hulus program just plain sucks compared to netflix I never have to wait between shows after the initial load for netflix. With hulu most of the time your constantly being stopped to wait for it to load not to mention the commercials. I stream on 4 systems and netflix runs consistantly faster than hulu plus.

  9. You left out or I missed it, netflix basic package 7.99 for streaming videos doesn’t always have the new releases.

  10. I use Hulu on a regular basis, and Netflix as well.  But as it sits right now I use Hulu more than Netflix. 

    Netflix may offer more content than Hulu without commercials, but Hulu keeps every television series up to date.  As soon as a new episode of a show airs, it is on the site the next day.  Whereas Netflix will make you wait until the entire series is over before they will add it to streaming, and that’s IF they add it to streaming. 

    I don’t care about commercials, they don’t bother me.  If it bothers you that you have to watch a 30 second commercial every so often, then you have some issues.

    All in all I’m severely disappointed in Netflix.  Sure I have the option to have dvds sent to me with my plan, but almost every time I’ve had them send me a disc, it arrives UNPLAYABLE. Meaning broken, scratched all to hell, or sometimes, not even the right movie.  Not to mention, if you live in the country like me, you have to wait god knows how long before it even arrives.

    All in all, I think I’m going to stick to just pirating movies.  It’s easier, it’s free, and I share them with the rest of the world that way.  And I’m sure someone will try to troll me for this statement but I really don’t give a shit.  There is probably not a person on this forum post that doesn’t have some form of pirated software, or media.  And if you claim you don’t then your nothing but a coward and a liar. 

    1. Well stated. You are right about the poor quality and service Netflix offers. Moreover, the customer service reps ask almost 10 questions for security reason! I always expect them to ask me for my social security number. Extremely rude. They should work at the airports as the Nazi TSA molesters.

    2.  I like the idea of trying software before one buys it so I have downloaded or borrowed software to try it out but if I decide to use it then I pay for it.  Why? I hear you ask.  It’s self interest, firstly because I like the trouble free support that comes with a license and secondly if the programmers who produce software don’t get paid for their work then they’ll stop producing it. 

      1. Well if that is the case please explain the open source movement and Ubuntu. Some of the best software and operating systems  out there is free and opensource and much of it is better quality then the paid for version.

        1. That’s true Tom and I do have a few excellent open source programs.   I run 64 bit only because I find dual boot cumbersome and I don’t want the overhead.  Secondly I’ve tried Ubuntu, Linux, virtual machines and what have you but I found that one has to be a techie or geek to use them and I just don’t have the time to get into it.  As an aside, does it seem to you that the more allegedly labor saving devices we have then the less spare time we actually have?

          1. i know exacatly what it means, you need to go back to skool and lern ta read again. it means the same thang as ok, okay, oh kay, or how every the hell he wants it spelt. Most people are pretty good at dealing with an occasional misspelled word or two. This a forum, not a term paper.

      1. No it isn’t, stealing implies that something of value has been taken. If you photocopy a news paper, you haven’t destroyed or stolen the original news paper. Even the term “Piracy” is inaccurate. Their are laws against piracy for obvious reasons, but committing it shouldn’t be tantamount to theft. In-fact, shop lifting a dvd from a store (which is actually stealing) is considered petty theft. Yet, there is $200,000 fine for possessing illegal copies of movies (which is not stealing). That is insanity.

        1. … i must say it a little Concerning how one comment can influence every one else’s comment lol “i dont pirate” “thats bad” “pirate”…etc..etc lol WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MAIN TOPIC lol :) and if u say this is contraindicating then good for u i say this u are observant ;) Way to gooo

          1. Spelling police need to grow up. If you don’t know what contraindicating means look it up, its an actual word. Spell checkers aren’t perfect and neither are you. Its obvious to everyone else he means contradiction, but only a few anal retentive fools have that superiority complex that compels them to point it out every time.

        2. So, if someone had a photocopy of your personal information ie; social security number, credit card numbers and I got a photocopy from them, then I didn’t steal anything?

    3. This helped me a lot! I’m looking mainly for the tv part and if I have to wait then I’m goin with Hulu, thank you Skyler because the above info did not explain that (or I didn’t see it)

    4. Other than your digression about stealing you review was excellent and greatly appreciated. No, I don’t have pirated … whatever.  I am neither a coward nor a liar.]:D

      1. Pirating isn’t stealing, it’s file-sharing. Libraries have similar programs which allow users to get the PHYSICAL copy, but you don’t hear uproars about them.

        1. Are you for real??? I am sure your attitude will make a big 180 when you finally grow up, get a job and someone starts using your stuff, that you spent a lot of time and money developing.

          1. I will say that Pirating isn’t stealing, but it definatly isnt as benign as flyingburrito is saying. Stealing deprives another person of the item ie: If I steal someones car, they now do not have the car. If I pirate a movie, they “lose” the 5$ they would have made on the movie, but assuming I’m pirating because i wouldn’t pay even if I couldn’t pirate they “don’t” lose. It is still not morally sound because they did spend LOTS of money to make that, so that they could make money off of it and you are reducing the integrity of that. Libraries are also much different considering that the library can’t just clone a book and then give it to you.

          2. Technically you’re stealing someone’s “intellectual property”. You may not have stolen the hard copy but it’s still considered stealing the court of law and that’s what it comes down to. I don’t think they should ever put limits on the use of the Internet to stop this problem though, they should instead just make it so that it’s not as easy as putting a disc in a computer and presto it’s stolen.

          3. You can’t use the status in a “court of law” as final. That can change based on public opinion over time as part of the legal operation of government.

            That’s what this “intellectual property” thing is, too, is opinion. One side currently has established law on their side and violators should be prosecuted, but that doesn’t mean the other side is morally bankrupt for their opinion. Intellectual property is a BS idea come up with by book publishers to protect themselves, not to protect the artists.

            Ideas are free in nature, and the reason it’s so hard to enforce “intellectual property rights” is because they’re an artificial limit that’s being imposed on something that shouldn’t have them. An idea, or song, or story, or invention, etc. that is in your possession is yours to sell or freely give to people who don’t have it. Not legally, at this point, but that is the reality of the situation despite the current legislation being contrary. I abide by the legislation because it’s my responsibility to do so, but I firmly believe it’s inevitable that “pirates” will win the battle of freedom of information eventually.

          4. Heres the thing..If someone pirates a movie, tv show, game, or piece of software and its good, they will purchase it. If it sucks, they wont. While you dont have to agree with pirating it does in its simplest form promote quality titles. Heck if they dropped out a movie a month or so before releasing blu ray or dvd copy and made it a vhs quality edition for free then it would essentially do the same thing that torrents do for movies. Download a good cam copy, if its a good movie ill pay to see it, if it sucks it gets deleted. Hell wasnt ever in a thousand years going to see hunger games, but..saw it twice in imax using the very same evaluation process.

    5. I think your review is rather accurate. I have to admit though, I have never tried Hulu Plus (as of yet). I was actually in the process of doing some research to find out which app was better. I plan on keeping Netflix- but I’m getting REALLY tired of waiting for new seasons of the shows I like to be put on streaming. Some of them- are like 3 seasons behind air time- which is really….really irritating. I enjoy my movies (which Netflix does have alot to offer along those lines.)- But as for up to date tv series, it’s extremely lacking. (Which is what I watch the majority of the time anyways.) -Thank you for this review! After comparing about 3 other apps to Hulu, I think I am set in my decision to (atleast) give it a month or two trial. I’m hoping it meets my expectations!

    6. Hell yes, media companies need to adapt or die. When pirating a movie is easier, faster, and higher quality than buying it, what do they think is going to happen? The answer isn’t trying to stop piracy, that is never going to happen. The only way these companies are going to survive is to become better.

    7.  I won’t deny that I use to pirate movies. I have long since stopped doing so. There really is no current justification for it. Netflix and Hulu Plus are both cheap enough that if you can’t afford them, you really shouldn’t be sitting around on your ass watching movies in the first place. I don’t know anyone who can’t afford one or the other, even low income individuals save money by using Hulu Plus or Netflix to stream over their devices, rather than go to the movie theaters or pirate movies, which actually raises your electric bill assuming you have a decent computer. I know in my case I was paying more in electric than it cost me to just suck it up and rent the movies. I do hate that most discs from Netflix are unplayable upon recieval. this has actually led me to go back to Blockbuster, because they have far less problems with discs.

    8. It does bother me that if I pay for something, I shouldn’t have to put up with commercials.  Maybe in hick-town USA people don’t mind commercials because they have absolutely nothing better to do besides watch them.  I can get on board with pirating media though.  

      1. Guess people outside of hick-town USA are too stupid to realize that it is the commercials that allow us to pay little for the service. Without the money from advertisement we would have to pay much more. Must suck to be ignorant AND not have time to relax.

    9. That’s rich. What a great defense for being a thief: Everyone else does it. Well, they don’t, and you calling them liars doesn’t make it so.

      1. you are complaining bc in reality someone stole an idea or story? If I make something with my own material it’s mine. It’s my computer, my cd, my program and all you can say is hey it was someone else’s idea? Tell me what is the difference bt this so called stealing and me renting/buying a movie and then letting every friend or relative watch it for free? At best realistically you have not stolen anything- all you have done is COPY something and at that you have copied an idea or image. No physical property is taken, the companies do not own my computer, nor my cd’s, nor my programs- so other than an idea/image what have I stolen? If you see a cool building and draw a picture of that building and show others have you stolen that building?

    10. Advertisements keep every TV series up to date.
      Netflix has better anime experience than Hulu (Plus) or YouTube.
      No wonder you pay Netflix to keep the Funimation watermark out of Soul Eater.

    11. argh! Dead man tell no tales! Torrents are and will be for a long foreseeable future the BEST media distribution method possible hands down. It is a “green” method. NO gas, NO packaging etc… I would gladly pay my ISP a .01 cent percent of a f’ing margin to use this method without fear of being labeled some sort of criminal in the next couple of years… Home of the free… Until your ass is caught and strung up in court like some kind of pirate. Holy crap, my kid just wanted to watch Jake and the Neverland pirates for f’ing sake. That is what I say your honor. Thanks to Skler for narrowing it down for us based on when you actually plan on catching your episode… I would also lean toward HULU… all depends on who has got the current epi of the Walking Dead. I heart zombie apocalypse.

  11. We r not happy with Netflix streaming AT ALL!! We try to watch movies and it keeps starting over!! We call Netflx n they say its our internet speed. We chk that and our speed is just fine. I really wish we could find a worthy competitor! We are canceling our streaming. I will not pay for service I’m not receiving.

  12. In Santa Fe, NM Comcast blocks Netflix 1080p. The movie starts at 1080p and in midway suddenly and mysteriously switches to lesser quality. Comcast would probably not admit to it, but it happens to me and my friends daily. 

  13. Shoot Yourself! Hulu Plus has way more titles! Netflix got the same shit! Ive been waiting 4 months for new Family Guy episodes!!! Season 8 is still the last one?? Pretty fucking old and seen them all!

  14. Being ripped off by either cable or a Sat company and listening to COMMERCIALS is not what I call enjoyment or ENTERTAINMENT!
    If I pay a for a subscription, I damn well don’t want to hear ANY commercials. That’s one of the ‘perks’ I should get if I’m laying out $.
    This is how cable started out in the 60’s. You could get commercial free at one time but the industry just couldn’t contain its self with a decent profit. It got off it’s leash and started to RAPE the PUBLIC.

  15. Netflix is great..Sorry Huluplus..not interested in the democratic ads..and your lame selection of movies I have never heard of unless I live in a foriegn country..

  16. Im not impressed by netflix streaming, first, it takes them forever to get titles if you want have the dvd delivered. I like stream services and watch alot of shows. My main issue with netflix has been it takes them FOREVER to update episodes. Take walking dead as an example, they have 10 episodes available when they have aired closer to 30. Most of the online streaming movies they have are old and lame. The newer ones I see are the blockbuster flops that no one would want to rent anyways. If your like me and have favorite cable shows and want a cheaper cable bill go with Hulu, you get next day updating where with netflix it can take months. If you want the new movies get a 4.99 subscription to blockbuster and have the videos sent to you same as netflix but they get new title almost 2 months sooner. 

  17. I think what is good about July plus is that they offer newer Tv shows than netflix.
    Except for that, netflix dominates on lots of aspects!!!!

    1. When I did have Netflix, you had to weed through 400 titles to find one that turned out to be 1) One you have already seen or 2) Trash.

  18. I haven’t had the chance to try Hulu.  What I do know is Neflix has lots of tiltles but the selection sucks.  It would be nice if they could offer old and new t.v shows and movies.  Not a great fan of netflix for that reason only.  Example:  I’ve had netflix for three months and watched one t.v series and one movie.  Please a more movies.

    1.  I so agree with you!!  I came back to Netflix after being gone for a couple of years and I am very disappointed with the library of movies available for streaming….especially movies for small kids.  Thus, I am looking at Amazon online…

      1.  I was wondering why no one mentioned Amazon. Their Prime subscription works out to less than $7/month, but I don’t know about selection. I have bought a few streaming movies and they seemed fine. Last time I used Netflix, I was not impressed. I am planning on going without cable or satellite when my satellite contract ends, and figured I’d still come out ahead just buying as I go from Amazon since I don’t watch much TV. The only current shows I’ve been watching are Modern Family, The Office, Burn Notice, Parks and Recreation, Whitney, and Awake. I may try Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime and see how that works.

      1. I meant to say, to stream on netflixI was a member of netflix for years until they basically Doubled the price, and quantity and quality of newer movies or tv programs wasn’t worth the price

  19. Please find the grammar errors in this paragraph: 
    Netflix still overs the best value when it comes down to it. Sure, TV buffs will love the fact that Hulu Plus offers videos of the most recent episodes to a variety of shows, it still doesn’t have Netflix’s extensive title offerings. Plus ads can be vary annoying no matter how low the subscription price is!

    1. Wow! Really? Nothing better to do? This article was very informative and the author did an excellent job!

      1. An excellent job wouldn’t have so many errors that could have been corrected by simply proofreading. Adequate job maybe, but not excellent.

  20.  I have Netflix and have noticed they started expiring some of my shows but those shows stilll show up on the main directory??? what’s up with that? So it looks like Toy Story 3 is available on Netflix but it tells me that’s expired. If that’s the case then it shouldn’t post it as available. They do it to trick us into thinking they have new / hip/ up-to-date content but it’s all old as heck. You’ll be much happier just renting the NEW stuff from Redbox!!  Hello…. the NEW stuff coming out, not crusty old shows from a year ago.

  21. netflix was much easier to set up and had a real phone number to call to get set up thou both I found difficut to enter there free 1-2 or what ever they offer codes do u have a tec support line for huluplus???? robert

  22. I agree with the results of the article and much prefer Netflix to Hulu Plus (I have both AND Comcast silver pkg). One item the writer failed to mention was the difficulty navigating in Hulu.
    I had to refer to Wikipedia on my iPhone to tell me the episode title so that I could locate the correct season and episode number I was looking for. Why can’t we have standard season/episode number tags? Very annoying.

  23. Ron Magle and Violent Vito are right on! It felt as though the author had made up her mind and was writing an argumentative essay rather than a comparison/contrast one. Hulu will win the challenge any day in terms of TV content. It’s not even a close call! Netflix is way better for movie’s. Spend $16/mo and you get both! Not to get off-topic, but you can supplement these with an absolutely ridiculous amount of content by purchasing a $50-100 Roku player for streaming from an extensive catalog of free and pay-for channels (If you need 1080p, you’ll spend $80-100. $50-60 will get you the 720p players). I did all of the above and replaced my DirecTV ($90/mo) with a Roku player and $16/mo. This was the best move I’ve ever made since I pay 82% less and I have way more content than I ever did with DTV or Comcast!

      1.  i dont find anyting worh paying eight bucks a month that u can stream  or watch unlimited,   no good movies just a few but how many times can u watch the same movies on net flix  unless u also pay for dvd also,  no good tv  show either    bummer,  im disipointed

        1. NOT TRUE, new tv shows and movies and they come and updated every month, there is something for everyone on netflix, hulu sux but the only ay you could talk about netflix like that is if you never tried it, netflix is worth wayyyy more than 8/month

  24. Commercials on hulu are ridiculous. One, I’m paying for it so why commercials? Two, the jumping back and forth from the commercials to the show you are watching and often screws up the streaming connections, so it will get hung up for minutes. Netflix just needs to add more shows and it would be awesome.

  25. I dont’ know.  Hulu seams to be able to fix problems with shows when they occur, whereas Netflix takes about 3 weeks to a month just to fix one problem.

  26. This comparison left out one critical point that would be in Hulu’s favor: Linux.

    Since Netflix has no compatibility with Linux but Hulu does, I would imagine many people have chosen Hulu Plus because they cannot ‘nix the ‘flix..

    1. You can stream netflix over any standard browser (firefox included). There’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to watch netflix on a linux machine.

      1. That’s actually not true. Linux can’t run silverlight and that’s what adobe uses to stream it’s content. The tsauce person clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is just trolling. Do the research and you’ll find that out too.

          1. Meh… run a Windows VM in Linux and you’re done!

            True, that method is not native on Linux, but who cares – Netflix will play just the same.

            Besides, Linux is so far ahead of Windows in every other way that if I have to “dummy down” my computer by creating a Windows image just to use Netflix, then so be it (most people are smart enough to do so).

            Further, it’s just a matter of time before one of two things happen:

            1. The DRM gets stripped so the stream can be pumped through Moonlight

            2. Netflix will listen to its customers and support Linux

            We will just have to wait and see?!

          2. I have an Android phone which of course is running a variation of Linux.  Netflix is smooth as glass…even without wifi.  Looks amazing.  No offense, but your out of left field argument about Linux not being able to do it…well mysteriously it does both on my phone and on my friends computer running Linux.  I mean really guy…criticizing the author because she didn’t address whether is works with Linux??  It’s not only not an issue, but I think you’re just looking for an obscure reason to complain here.  Netflix is the same price as H+ if both of them are streaming only, but Netflix has greater content, quality, the ability to suspend, and no annoying ads…and Hulu is EXTREMELY annoying with their ads.  I dare say that author was overly kind to them here.  It’s also worth noting that although Netflix raised their rates if you wanted both streaming and disc by mail, they actually reduced what they were charging by a dollar if all you chose to do was stream.  And this while they were an unrivaled and highly successful company.  My hat’s off to Netflix.  Besides, I like to keep the rez native with my screen…not that 720 is bad on a smaller screen, but it’s still inferior and certainly not every screen is small.  Netflix is fantastic.

          3. Dude, you sound like an idiot. The netflix APP for Android is running on a totally different protocol than silverlight, since silverlight doesn’t run in a mobile environment. And no, lack of linux support is not trivial, since there’s lots and lots of users of different flavors of linux (like myself) who were pretty frustrated to find out that the Netflix web viewer does not support our version of Silverlight.

        1. Oh and one other thing…I should say that Netflix is not easily run on a basic Linux machine as you said (though it can certainly be done).  But outside of it being a non-factor for 99%+, it’s on the way nonetheless.

    2. I’m typing this on a Gateway i3 running Ubuntu. I use this computer to stream Netflix all the time with no problems.

  27. Niether is ideal.
    We have had Netflix for a few years, and consider dropping it from time to time. Netflix, for us, isn’t consistent: what it shows as available one day isn’t the same the next day. Depending on which device you use determines which movies are shown. Our Instant Queue is different if we log in through Tivo or PS3. 
    A lot of the movies are low budget, very old, or foreign (just wish they would segregate foreign films so you’re ready for subtitles!).
    Netflix is best if you use your PC to pick the movies, as doing it from streaming shows just a sample of what is offered. Netflix mail DVDs aren’t worth bothering with (way too many scratches).
    Hulu Plus has commercials, but they are shorter than standard TV. 
    As I like TV and my other half likes movies, we’ll end up with both for now: still much cheaper than cable.
    We tie in an outdoor antennae which gives us about 12 HD channels, and local news.

    1. Which HD antennae did you purchase? I have not been able to access any HD TV. I had to return it to the store.

      1. @Elsiesimmons555: I purchased a RCA digital flat amplified antenna from Walmart and I can receive all local stations: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and a few others. Each station also broadcasts their digital channels which throws in even more FREE channels. I definitely recommend purchasing one — I haven’t had cable in 4 years!

      2. Radio Shack VT-190 antenna rocks!
        They don’t sell one with that good of reception anymore, because most people don’t live on a hillside 70 miles from  the broadcast; which is obscured by hills and distance.

        I get 19 stations now 15 miles NW from Chewelah WA.
        I use Hulu standard to watch Survivor or whatever, when I miss it.
        I pay ZERO DOLLARS per month :)

        Look long, and look hard for an antenna. By the way, there is no such thing as “Hd antenna”. That is a marketing ploy. Look at the gain ratings of antennae to measure their sensitivity (performance).

  28. Another thing of note, is that netflix’s dvd service can be added onto Hulu plus just as easy as Netflix streaming for the same price. So all those titles on dvd should not be counted in the total. Also as a combo Hulu plus and Netflix dvd is better than Netflix steaming and dvd. So thats another up for Hulu over netflix. Also to note is Hulu Plus has original content for Hulu. To name a few Misfits, Booth at the end, Whites, and so on. 

  29. Hulu plus is far better than netflix for tv shows. When I had netflix it updated tv shows every 3-4 months. Having a huge selection of tv shows I dont watch means nothing. Netflix needs more variety in each genre not just a huge overall variety. Hulu accomplishes this and updates daily. Another plus for Hulu is that the content never goes away, where as Netflix has been cycling content in order to make it look as if they are updating. Nothing is worse than spoting a movie you want to see, adding it for the next day, and it being gone when you get home. I will say this Hulu movie selection is garbage, but when it come to TV it is a billion times better than netflix.

  30. Just going to weigh in real quick. My caveat is that I haven’t actually tried Hulu Plus yet. But I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for 2+ years now. The DVD library you can pretty much subtract from the title count, unless you like putting a movie in, watching three-quarters of it and then having it freeze because somebody played street hockey with the disc before they sent it to you. To my mind, that basically puts the count back to what they can stream, which at the moment is pretty pitiful. So, long story short, I’m in the market for alternatives. I guess the wigs at Netflix have decided to piss off the DVD subscribers so they can shut down that part of the business. But, trust me, I’m looking around. And there’s no reason why somebody else can’t negotiate better streaming licensing. I think Netflix is on its way out.

  31. Another big benifit if you are deaf or hard of hearing is that Netflix is adding captioning (optiona) to many of its titles.  Not sure where hulu is in this realm

    1. Good point. I’ve noticed the CC button option on many titles already on Netflix. I’m glad they care enough to do that.

  32. they both have there ups and downs….i stuck with netflix because its commercial free..booyah…gotta love no comercials

    1. No, it’s not worth mentioning.  It’s obvious.  Hotness can’t save an utterly stupid article, though.  I mean, honestly, Spellcheck and an IQ of 50 gets you an article like this one.

  33. I choose Hulu Plus, because I can stream on Linux.  Even with years work, the Linux community has not been able to convince Netflix to make the move.  No workarounds, either.

  34. These articles are silly.   For a mere SIXTEEN DOLLARS you can have a plethora of current TV shows and movies and an immense library of older films and documentaries.  Both are good both have great stuff and it’s only SIXTEEN DOLLARS!!   Both have exclusive and shared content – why not write about that?   And what’s wrong with ads… they’re all over this site and help cover your paycheck.  They let you know what’s out there to buy or to give you a solution to a problem.   And will 60 seconds (two commercials) that help keep the cost down for pretty expensive current content kill you compared to the 3-5 minute commercial breaks you see over the air or on cable?? 

    1. I avoid commercials like the plague! Avoid them at any price! 
      “They let you know what’s out there”…………….some people are pretty lame
      “give you a solution to a problem”……………… got to be kidding!
      Chalk this one up as another “tool”

    2. Ya the whole reason people watch stuff on the internet and not the T.V. was to avoid commercials. Then the put ads on the internet. So Netflix is smart in not having ads because that’s what people want. So for a mere EIGHT DOLLARS I have more movies then Hulu and the I have a free Hulu account to watch the documentaries and other stuff. That’s seems cheaper ( the whole point mind you) and just as much movies without paying more ( I own most of the movies i like in the Criterion Collection so it not worth 8 bucks). so verdict: Ads suck!

      1. I don’t think that was the “whole” reason. It is one of the reasons. But the bigger reasons were that it eliminated the need to go to the video store, it helped some people to stop having to use vcr/dvd/dvr to record content, and provided an all-you-can-eat type plan from your own home.
        I personally prefer to own all my own media, as you never know what can happen with a subscription based service. However, for those who want to supplement their own collection, don’t have the time to rip their discs, don’t want to delve into the direct-download/ torrent/ usenet/darknet scene, or don’t care one way or the either, subscription based services are great.
        My only gripe is that it’s not as convenient for US citizens who are temporarily living overseas or for those who travel a lot. As soon as one of these companies comes up with a solution to make that happen, they’ve got my vote.
        (I also may be one of the few people who actually do enjoy commercials.)

        1. Had you considered pure vpn? (Google it) works just fine for me, BBC Iplayer, Hulu, ITV player, in fact almost any where there is a country restriction.

    3. Only $16 a month for both???  And the cost of a broadband internet connection.  Why is that small detail always left out of the equation?  And depending on your ISP you have to have some type of cable television package with that in order to get a lower price on the internet service. 

        1. Plus the fact that your not paying for high speed  internet connection to get access Hulu or Netflix, but rather your paying for high speed internet because you WANT high speed internet.  If you already have it, then this is nothing more than an accessory.  

          Its like saying it doesn’t tell you how much your getting charged for a television when you compare Cable to Dish…  The assumption is that if you want cable or Dish then you probably already have a TV. 

    4. I completely agree.. i love having my recent episodes which is the main downfall of netflix, but I do love the extensive content netflix brings.. and considering i can have them both for sooo much less than even  a basic cable package.. yea, sign me up! And w/out ads many people wouldn’t have jobs.. like millions.. 

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