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narwal t10 review

Narwal T10 Review

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The Narwal T10 was praised by testers for its excellent battery performance and impressive mop and vacuuming ability.

However, they felt that its lack of a brush roll made it a non-starter for carpet cleaning and that its lack of a scheduling option would disadvantage some customers. Also disappointing was its small dirt compartment.

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our Verdict

Reviewers hailed the Narwal T10 for its ability to switch between mopping and vacuuming and impressive battery performance. E

xpert testers from Tech Radar were happy that the T10 could run for up to three hours since it didn’t need to recharge when they tested it by cleaning their 600 sq ft apartment.

They also appreciated that the T10 could mop and vacuum, as these are missing features on the iRobot Roomba S9. Reviewers also liked that at 63 decibels, it does not get as loud as the Milwaukee M18 Backpack vacuum, which has a noise output of up to 76 decibels.

While experts from Modern Castle scored it at 100% for its vacuuming and mopping performance on hardwoods, they were not as impressed with how it handled low and high pile carpets during their tests, scoring it at 45% efficiency.

They noted that this poor performance was due to its lack of a brush roll. They also didn’t like that despite having app control, there was no option to set up scheduled cleaning.

True Score


Reasons to Buy

  • Superb battery performance
  • Mop and Vacuuming function
  • Large 5-liter water tanks
  • Low noise output
  • Self-cleaning mop pads system

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not ideal for carpet cleaning
  • No scheduling option
  • Small dirt compartment


  • Auto Docking & Recharging
  • Bin Capacity
    0.4 liter
  • Carpet Height Adjustments
  • Cleaning Path Width
    13.6 inches, Unknown
  • Cliff Sensor
  • Compatible Floor Type
    All floors
  • Filter Type
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pet
  • Product Weight
    8 pounds
  • Room-by-Room navigation
  • Self-Emptying
  • Works With
    Smartphone app


The Narwal T10 is a premium robot vacuum that was announced in 2022. According to the manufacturer, it’ll only use about 0.47 liters of water to clean a room up to 224 square feet, and with triangular mop pads that rotate up to three times per second, its efficiency rivals some of the best vacuum cleaners in the market.

Similar to many highly rated robot vacuums, the T10 ships with an anti-allergy HEPA filter that filters out up to 99.99% of allergens. Its lack of a brush roll means there’s very little chance of hairs getting tangled during cleaning, and with a large water tank capacity of up to 5 liters on its base station, it is ideal for big rooms.

It also has a suction power rating of 1800Pa and can be controlled through an app. Lastly, since its 0.4-liter dirt capacity is not as large as the 0.7-liter dirt bin on the Naeto D8, the T10 might require more frequent emptying.

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