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Motive Products System Bleeder Trucks Review

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Meant for late model GM cars & trucks, the Motive power bleeder is a reliable pressure bleeder that you can turn to whenever you want to pour out the brake fluid in your car’s brake system. This is something you have to do whenever there’s an air pocket in the system, and it results in unresponsiveness anytime you step on the brake pedal. This is a very serious problem to deal with, and some drivers actually opt to take their cars to the mechanic to have it solved. If you have the Motive products power bleeder though, you wouldn’t really need to make that trip. Sit tight and make sure you get to the end of this review to find out if it could be the best brake bleeder kit for you. To compare with similar products head on to the most popular car accessories reviews.

Why We Like It – Motive Products System Bleeder Trucks

A lot of people use the old method of bleeding their brakes. If people found out how much easier this process can be with the help of reliable tools such as the Motive Products System Bleeder, then a lot of them would shift to this more convenient method of emptying their car’s fluid reservoir.

  • Easy brake bleed procedure to follow
  • Works well with one person operation
  • Small and portable
  • Doesn’t work with Asian, Ford or European vehicles

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This Motive brake bleeder doesn’t have that many parts to it, so it’s not as complicated to use. Like the Motive Products European Bleeder Pressure kit, it basically consists of a built-in hand pump that sits on the top side of a small pressure tank, a pressure gauge, and an adapter that allows you to connect to a wide variety of cars such as the Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn and other late model GM cars. The vacuum bleeder kit can be operated by one person, and this may come as a huge sigh of relief to car owners who are used to having someone else sit at the driver’s seat and press down the brake pedal whenever they want to do any brake bleeding.


There’s not much to talk about the design of the Motive products power bleeder kit. In fact, it looks pretty similar to the likes of the Motive Products Pressure Clutch Bleeder kit to the point that you may even confuse the two. The Motive products power bleeder is one of the most reliable kits that you can opt for bleeding brakes because it’s relatively easy to use even for someone who doesn’t have that much experience in tinkering with their car.


This Motive pressure bleeder is a perfect alternative to anyone that’s looking to bleed brakes on the move, and avoid having to deal with a second person when doing so. It comes with an adapter that’s easy to connect to your vehicle’s master cylinder, and with a two liter capacity, you’re assured that all the fluid from your car won’t have to be spilled outside as you bleed it. For those that prefer an alternative that is likely to work with more cars that have ABS brakes, the Capri Tools Vacuum Brake Bleeder kit would be a much more worthy alternative.

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Motive Products System Bleeder Trucks Wrap Up

If you do decide to get the bleeder kit through Amazon Prime, make sure to go ahead and read the customer reviews that have been left by those that went ahead and bought it. As you do, please try to only read those that have been marked as a verified purchase.