Mohu Leaf Metro Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re on the fence about whether to cancel your cable and you’re shopping around for the Best TV Antenna, you would do well to narrow your search down to the Best Indoor TV Antenna and check out the Mohu Leaf Metro. If you live in a city, it’s 25 mile range is more than adequate to pull in your favorite channels.

Why We Like It – Mohu Leaf Metro

The Mohu Leaf Metro Indoor HDTV Antenna is the scaled down version of Mohu’s very popular Leaf-branded TV antenna products. It works exceptionally well if you live in a city and can pull in many high-quality channels. More than enough for you to be able to consider canceling your cable.

  • At Least 12 Channels are Watchable
  • Paintable
  • Multi-Directional and Can be Mounted Anywhere
  • 10 Foot Coaxial Cable
  • Only 25 Mile Range
  • No Amplifier Accessory


The Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna has some respective power despite its diminutive size. It should be able to pull in all your favorite cooking shows, news shows, and soap operas from CBS, NBC, CNN, and all your other favorite channels. And out of all of these, about 12 are watchable and high-quality. For something more powerful, consider the FLATenna 35.

Ease of Install

The Mohu Leaf Metro actually comes with the pushpins to tack it onto the wall or bulletin board. The included coaxial cable that hooks to the TV isn’t the longest, at 10 feet, but it wasn’t meant to be long in the first place as it was primarily designed to be taken on the go. Still, check out the ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna if you want something longer.


The Leaf Metro is paper thin and weighs only 0.8 pounds. It measures only 11.5 x 3.5 x 0.04 too. It’s small enough to be carried around with you and can be brought to dorm rooms workshops and even cottages if you want. In a fun little twist, the Mohu Leaf Metro is also paintable so it can blend in with your decor or your wall to keep it out of sight!


If you live in the city, the 25 mile range the Metro offers isn’t that bad. However, those who live in the countryside will find the 25 mile range to be too small and won’t be able to get the same high quality 12 channels the Metro should be able to get. Make sure you consider this when making the purchase. You can also check out the U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna for something with a wider range.


It should come as no surprise that the Mohu Leaf isn’t amplified. And unfortunately, there’s no amplifier you can buy that will work with it. However, it does compliment most streaming devices so you can watch cable TV and be able to stream your favorite shows. You can check out Philips SDV8201B if you want an affordable TV antenna that is compatible with most amplifiers. Remember, you don’t need to point the Letro in any particular direction because it’s multi-directional.

Mohu Leaf Metro Wrap Up

The Mohu Leaf Metro is a city-dwellers TV antenna through and through. That’s not to say suburbanites and rural communities can’t find it useful. It’s just that the range isn’t there to really make the most of it. But it’s still a reputable product from a reputable brand, so if you do decide to purchase it you won’t be disappointed.

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