Gamers, get ready: detailed specs for the Microsoft Durango – Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox – have leaked online.

Also known as the Xbox 720, Xbox 3, the NextBox and Next Xbox, the Durango will be powered by an 8-core 1.6 GHz CPU and will also include an 800-MHz graphics processor with 12 shader cores “providing a total of 768 threads.” The console also features 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 32 MB of fast embedded SRAM. And in case you or your friends were undecided between the PS4 or Xbox One, take a look at our review on these Amazon polls consumers: PS4 or Xbox one, with staggering results.

Durango also includes a Blu-ray drive that is capable of reading 50GB Blu-ray discs at x6 read speeds, plus an internal hard drive (the capacity of which is not yet known). In addition, rumors speculate that the system will have “Kinect multichannel echo cancellation (MEC) hardware” and an updated Kinect motion sensor bar connected separately from the Durango’s USB 3.0 ports. Other features will include 3D sound and Augmented Reality. You may also want to check out this interesting review of Microsoft’s Xbox One: All of the worst features, to find out why fans are criticizing this console.

Users can also look forward to a ‘HDMI 1.4a in’, which means that you might be able to hook up a cable or satellite connection. Perhaps the Durango will have recording capabilities?

These specs support earlier leaks that emerged in November 2012. The Durango is widely expected to be released in the final quarter of 2013, preceded by a formal announcement in June. Anticipated Durango game titles include Halo 5, Forza 5, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313.

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    1. That was the only real turd in the soup for me. The GPU sounds powerful enough, RAM sounds good, but that processor is well below a mid range gaming PC which seems… Weird. I suppose it is 8 cores though.

    1. Actually 8GB RAM is pretty cheap nowadays, and that will allow developers to do a lot more with their games surprisingly. A lot of things like Halo Forge, FC3 Map Editor, and such are apparently governed by the amount of RAM (The 360 has 512 MB)

    2. RAM is super cheap now a days. You can buy 8GB for as low as $40 on Newegg. It would be cheaper for microsoft since they can buy it in bulk from the manufacturers. I would be surprise if the next gen consoles had lower than 8GB.

    3. While no game in existence actually makes use of that much ram, with specs like these, it will provide a very long lifespan, exceeding the current generation model.

      Plus, if the system software is able, it could even “split” the hardware and output 2, or more, games at once.

      The only disapointing spec is the CPU. While 8 cores is impressive, the clock of 1.6GHz is not.

    4. A console doesn’t need that much RAM because games haven’t been created to use that much RAM. Why haven’t they? Because no console has that much RAM and PC games is a much MUCH smaller market. If the consoles do have 8GBs of ram, the games will follow. Did you expect game devs to make games that require more performance than the platforms can provide?

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