Mediabridge Audio Cable Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If EMIs (hissing, static, humming) are a consistent bother, the Mediabridge Audio Cable uses a triple-shield design to prevent that, perhaps making it the best AUX cable for those seeking to transmit music in the cleanest way possible. And you get a boost in durability with its PVC webbing around its gold-plated connectors. So, what features make it compartible with the best home theater systems? Read this review to learn more.

Why We Like It – Mediabridge Audio Cable

Forget dual-shielding because the Mediabridge Audio Cable has three layers of shielding to reduce EMIs, like hums and hissing, in addition to corrosion-resistant, gold plated connectors.

  • Tri-shielding prevents hums and hissing (EMIs)
  • Corrosion-resistant, gold plated connectors
  • PVC webbing adds stress relief near the connector
  • Inconsistent quality and performance
  • Not compatible with microphone/video function

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Nothing is worse than hearing static, humming, or hissing during playback—and the Mediabridge Audio Cable knows this. That’s why Mediabridge incorporated a triple-buffering system as opposed to dual-shielding, just like they do with their HDMI cables. A soft PVC is wrapped around its thick copper conductor, which is then covered in an aluminum foil shield, and then finished off with a braided copper clad steel shield. At the end of the day, you get some of the cleanest sound quality, free of EMIs and their atrocious sounds.


That triple-shielding also adds some much needed durability. While the PVC sleeve is thicker than your typical aux cable, it’s still PVC. It can still compete directly with our second best, the iVanky Auxiliary Compatible Headphone Speaker, in terms of durability. Nylon braiding, like the Oldboytech Auxiliary Braided Compatible Headphones, would’ve been appreciated. In addition to its triple-shielding, the Mediabridge Audio Cable also has gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connectors, which go a long way to keeping the audio quality consistent and extending its lifespan even further than before. In fact, many mainstream brands use gold-plated connectors in their products.


The Mediabridge Audio Cables can be well made and provide good performance, but there’s a case to be made that it isn’t always consistent. In some cases, audio quality was marred by static and interference despite or the PVC jacket was thinner than advertised, giving it a cheaper feel. Fortunately, it often leans towards a good experience. And to be fair, $8 isn’t a lot to lose. But if you want consistency, the Anker Premium Auxiliary Headphones iPhones are in a better position to boast; otherwise, it’s a gamble.

Mediabridge Audio Cable Wrap Up

Despite inconsistent manufacturing, when the Mediabridge Audio Cable work (and they almost always do), they work with a bang. Having triple-shielding as opposed to dual-shielding goes a long way to practically eliminating EMIs. And with its PVC webbing and sleeve added in, it delivers some good durability, too—so long as you don’t need it for mics or video functions.

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