Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Loncaster Dashboards Anti Slip Desk Phone Stand Compatible iPhone Samsung Android Smartphones GPS Devices protects against bumps, scratches, and from flying out of the holder. But if you have a larger than average cell phone case, you may need to consider another car accessory. If that’s the case, check out our review of the best car accessories!

Why We Like It – Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones

The Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones is an easy to install cell phone holder for your car or desk that’s also cleanable without losing any adhesive power. It has a wide array of compatible cell phone models and a silicone bottom with sticky pads to ensure your phone doesn’t slip.

  • Affordable
  • Protects against bumps, scratches, and flying out
  • Compatible in landscape mode
  • Doesn’t qualify for free shipping unless you’re a Prime Member
  • Not compatible with large phone cases

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The Loncaster Car Dashboard Cell Phone Holder is easy to install. Simply remove the adhesives at the bottom and place on a clean, dust-free dashboard. You can also clean it, using just water, without worrying about having the adhesives lose their power. The anti-Slip Desk Phone Stand allows you to use the phone in landscape mode. In a world where most phone holders only allow for horizontal orientation, it’s nice to see a product that allows for landscape and thus a larger viewing screen. Check out the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets for another innovative example of car accessories.


The Loncaster Car Phone Mount Silicone Car Pad Mat has a soft, silicone textured bottom and sticky pads. This allows for the holder car phone mount to protect against bumping, scratching, or flying out of the stand during a sharp turn, sudden stop, or an emergency braking situation. And if you don’t want to use it in your car, that’s fine. The manufacturer Loncaster has made a device that can also work as a slip-free desk phone stand too. But if you want something specifically for the car, check out the Drop Stop Original Patented Filler.


The Loncaster Dashboard Car Phone Holder has a wide array of compatible cell phones. These cell phones include, but aren’t limited to: iPhone Max XR, iPhone XR XS Max X, and various models of the Samsung Galaxy. For a full list of compatible phones see the product information section on the item page on Amazon. The customer reviews are great, a 4/5 based on 7,975 reviews, and it’s affordable at only $13.00 which gives you great incentive to become a new customer. However, this price means no free delivery. Please try the Charger Ainope Aluminum Charging Compatible for another affordable car upgrade accessory.

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Loncaster Silicone Dashboards Compatible Smartphones Wrap Up

The Loncaster Various Dashboards Slip Free Desk Phone Holder Car costs less than your Prime Video subscription and, most of all, is compatible with landscape mode which is something most phone holders are incapable of doing. You won’t qualify for free shipping unless you’re a Prime member, but at this price, why not just test it out?

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