Logitech Z906 5.1 Review

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Updated March 19, 2023
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One of the most complete surround sound speaker systems on our list is the Logitech Z906 5.1. This is because it provides its excellent sound quality through, not just one but through 6 surround sound speakers. It’s the only surround system that’s THX certified, making it one of the best home theater systems.

Why We Like It – Logitech Z906 5.1 Review

A 5.1-channel surround sound system that delivers powerful sound through a series of 6 speakers, with the added benefit of being THX certified. But for a speaker big on bass, you’ll want to pick up the UE Hyperboom.

  • THX certified for excellent sound quality
  • Has 6 speakers
  • Perfect price for performance
  • Lack of an HDMI port


The last generation, the Z5500 speakers, the Logitech Z906 Speakers, did quite a bit to improve upon their predecessor. For starters, the speakers have up to 1000 watts to play, which is twice as many watts as the JBL Bar 5.1. The audio quality is especially powerful, with a great mix of bass and treble. This is further heightened with Dolby Digital, DTS HD, and best of all, THX certified. We were surprised satellite speakers could provide such high-quality sound. To get a 3D stereo surround sound and an immersive theater experience, check out the Bestisan 80w sound bar review.

Speaking of performance, remember that charging a Bluetooth speaker the right way will ensure you get the most out of your chosen wireless speaker.


Logitech wasn’t content to provide a single center channel speaker and one or two surround sound speakers—you get six: one subwoofer, 4 speakers, and a center channel speaker (with a control console and wireless remote control). Audio inputs are fairly open with RCA, digital COAX, optical inputs, a headphone jack, and a six-channel direct system if you want to use speaker wires. But if this is too many inputs and you want something simple, opt for the Amazon Echo Gen 4 review.

You might have noticed we didn’t say HDMI. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have it, and was the only weakness we found during our Logitech Z906 review, something the Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite Home Theater System did have. Your Blu Ray player can still connect to optical or COAX.


Given how well the Logitech Z906 5.1 Home Theater System performed, it’s overall design, easy setup, and six speakers packaged inside, we have no problem giving it our mark of excellent value. It can be tough finding a decent surround sound system, and Logitech went and created a superb theater system for the perfect price. This is especially true when you consider the Polk Audio Magnifi Mini is the same price but an arguably lesser system and certainly not as comprehensive as the Z906. You’re getting an amazing deal here. However, if you are tired of dealing with wires, check out our best wireless surround sound options.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Review Wrap Up

We appreciate the dedication to improving on the Z5500 speakers through the Logitech Z906 5.1, and blowing it out of the water. The theater system is powerful, THX certified, and six speakers strategically placed around your room gives a superb listening experience. And for $299? Yes, please! It made up for the lack of an HDMI port, for sure.

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