Logitech Harmony Hub Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re tired of looking for remotes, the Harmony Hub mobile app is a great solution. It’s a must for any smart home and works with most home entertainment equipment. It’s better than conventional universal remotes because it can be used from anywhere and allows you to operate devices using voice commands. The Harmony app is perfect for home automation and made our best universal remote list. Some people might have this in their list of best Tv accessories.

Why We Like It – Logitech Harmony Hub

The Logitech Harmony Hub is a mobile app that acts as a remote control. It’s compatible with a vast range of home entertainment devices and smart home devices including Amazon Alexa, Apple TV and most modern audio and video equipment. If you also want the option to stream from your computer, you’ll like our Warpia Stream HD review.

  • Can be used from nearly anywhere
  • A long list of compatible devices
  • You can use one app to control all your devices
  • Setup can be complicated
  • Requires and extender to work with certain devices
  • Can only work with up to eight devices


The Logitech Harmony Hub takes remote control to another level. You can be anywhere and still control your home devices. It’s compatible with over 270,000 devices including TVs, gaming consoles, lighting, and a host of home devices. The hub also allows you to use voice controls and you can instruct it to make Alexa turn on your devices. Harmony Hub works with up to eight different devices so whether you want to watch TV or turn up the heating you can just use one device. If you need a physical remote the Logitech Harmony Ultimate is worth a look. An advanced home control that works like magic is detailed in the Logitech harmony elite review.


It’s difficult to talk about design in this Logitech harmony hub review because there’s no physical remote. It has a physical IR blaster that is plain black and unobtrusive. The app itself is user friendly and logical to use. It may earn extra points for having excellent voice control capability. The setup process may be complicated at first but it’s smooth sailing after that. When designing the Harmony Hub Logitech put a lot of thought into making it compatible with as many products as possible. The Logitech Harmony All in One might be a better choice if you need both a hub and a physical remote. You can also explore another option by reading the Logitech harmony hub remote review.


You can base the value of this device on the amount of convenience it can bring to your life. As a remote hub Logitech Harmony can make things easy and simple, controlling your whole house at the touch of a button or with the voice command. It’s well with the money, especially when you consider that you won’t be searching for remotes or changing batteries anymore. It can also work anywhere with an internet connection unlike conventional universal remotes such as the GE Universal Remote.

Logitech Harmony Hub Wrap Up

This Logitech Harmony Hub review has covered most of its features. It makes it easy to control all your smart devices and entertainment systems from a single source. The list of compatible devices is endless and you can even customize your instructions. Z-wave and Zigbee compatibility requires an extender, but most people won’t need it. The Logitech Harmony Hub might make conventional remotes obsolete with all its functions.

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