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K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic Review

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The Power Stop K1043 Front/Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon Fiber Ceramic Brake Pad upgrade kit is our #2 choice for the best car brakes for a good reason! Many brake kits include both rotors and brake pads, but they don’t provide a brake upgrade – they only provide brake replacement. The 1-Click Brake kit provides superior stop power from the included Evolution ceramic brake pads & cross drilled performance rotors. And, once you’ve upgraded your brakes, check out the best car accessories to spruce up the interior.

Why We Like It – K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic

The K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic 1-Click Brake Kit offers high performance carbon fiber ceramic pads and drilled/slotted performance brake rotors in a single brake kit. This front brake kit reduces brake dust, improves stopping power, and provides noise free braking for your daily driver. If you’ve been considering a brake upgrade, then you’ll love the Power Stop K1043 Front Brake upgrade kit. If you also feel like upgrading your ride’s audio, check out our JVC KWR930BT car stereo review.

  • Low Dust & Noise Free Braking Power
  • The Drilled Slotted Rotors Are Plated With Zinc For Maximum Rust Protection
  • Thermal Scorched Pads For A Quick Break-In Period
  • Kit Doesn’t Include Rear Brake Pads
  • Some Customers Report Receiving Two Left Rotors


You will get excellent performance from these brake pads. Power Stop Z23 Evolution brakes provide quick but noise-free braking, and they also produce an average of 30% less dust than OEM brakes! The carbon fiber ceramic compound used to make these front brakes is made to last (for rear brakes, check out our #1 choice, the Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic!), so they shouldn’t deteriorate as fast as normal ceramic brakes. The Evolution sport brake rotors are plated with zinc, which provides sufficient protection against rust.


In terms of looks, the Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Brake kit has a decent design that looks good while also reducing dust, stopping quickly, and preventing your rotors from overheating from excessive friction. Power Stop chose the usual black color for the Z23 Evolution ceramic brake pads. Power Stop didn’t add any coloring to the rotors either, although they did plate them with zinc to prevent rust. The slotted design means these rotors will have adequate ventilation when coming to a halt.


This brake kit isn’t as cheap as the Wagner QuickStop ZD866 Installation Hardware, but for both brakes and rotors that provide exception stop power, $129.99 isn’t a bad price (Check out the Power Stop K2316 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic Review and get it for only $5 more). You can get them delivered for free, and returns are free as well. There is a 60-day product replacement offer if installed by an authorized Power Stop retailer should you be unhappy with the performance of these brakes, as well as a 3-year warranty against product failure and defects.

K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic Wrap Up

The K1043 Evolution Drilled Slotted Ceramic kit is a great choice if you’ve decided to upgrade your front brakes. This kit includes both brake pads and rotors, so you won’t need to make any additional purchases (unless you also need rear brakes). Some customers report getting two left rotors instead of a left & right rotor, but this problem does not seem to be widespread, so you should be happy with your purchase. If not, there’s always a warranty available!