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The JVC KW M740BT digital media receiver is what most typical car stereo systems look like nowadays; a big 6.8-inch clear resistive touch screen that tilts to reveal its rear USB input. It works with both Android Auto and Apple car play to support audio streaming via bluetooth, and also allows for hands free calling so that your attention can always remain on the road. Because of its size, it’ll only fit in a double din dash, and it also doesn’t have that many controls on its front panel. Hang around to find out what else the JVC KW M740BT has to offer, and decide whether or not it’s the best car stereo for you. You may also want to read about the most popular car accessories on the market today.

Why We Like It – JVC KW M740BT Receiver

The JVC M740BT car stereo is an Apple and Android compatible head unit that you can use to play music from your phone through Bluetooth. It has a touchscreen display that measures 6.5-inches, and is ideal especially if you want to use maps from apps like Apple carplay Android auto.

  • Supports Apple Car Play Android Auto
  • Big 6.5-inch touch screen display
  • 1 year warranty
  • No CD/DVD receiver


Being a JVC product, sound quality on this car stereo is amazing, and because it is SiriusXM ready, all you’ll need to do is purchase an antenna and you’ll be able to receive a satellite radio signal. The JVC head unit is also capable of helping you navigate while on the road, but this depends on whether you have either Apple car play or Android Auto installed. The digital media receiver is able to play content via USB, but unlike the pioneer avh-1300nex, it does not allow for CD/DVD playback. You’ll also be able to link your Android smartphone or iPhone via Bluetooth, and since it is HD radio ready, all your music is going to sound super clear. If you’re the oldschool type and you have your music albums on CD, then the JVC In Dash CD Receiver KW R930BT will work perfectly for you.


There’s nothing astonishing about the JVC head unit in terms of how it’s designed, though we do wish that it’s front panel came with a couple more controls. It only has 3 buttons compared to the boss audio bv9358b that has more than 6, so for any other thing that you’d wish to do, you’ll have to navigate mostly through the screen. If you want, you can get an optional wireless remote control, though you’ll have to buy it separately. One thing you need to make sure you get right is the USB cable you use for Android Auto. Also, whether you opt for MicroUSB or USB type C cable for connecting your phone, there are some others that might give you problems. We recommend going for the CHOETECH USB-C cable. It’s been tried and tested, and is guaranteed to serve you well.

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The 6.5-inch touchscreen display on the JVC head unit isn’t as big as the 10-inch display on the atoto a6, but it is useful for playing audio visual content from your USB, or helping you navigate to your destination through maps on either Apple Carplay Android Auto. The car stereo is also compatible with the iDatalink Maestro module, which will let you capture important information about your vehicle on screen. If you have a rear view camera installed on your car, the rear view camera feed can also be directed to the JVC screen so that you’re able to reverse without any obstructions.

JVC KW M740BT Receiver Wrap Up

This JVC head unit has received a lot of good reviews on Amazon, so you should go ahead and check out their page if you want to have an idea of what to expect from it. As you go through the reviews though, make sure to only consider the ones that have been left by someone who has been listed as a verified purchase.