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JVC In Dash CD Receiver KW R930BT Review

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From our list of the Best Car Stereo, the JVC In Dash CD Receiver KW R930BT brings your car back to modern times and gives you the ability to use the hands free Bluetooth technology to call your loved ones without the hassle of using your phone while driving. It’s definately one of the most reliable car accessories on the market today.

Why We Like It – JVC In Dash CD Receiver KW R930BT

The JVC In Dash CD Receiver KW R930BT is a visually appealing and modern upgrade to any vehicle still rocking its stock radio receiver. This device is a CD receiver capable of holding 2 discs inside so you can always have your albums ready to share with loved ones. As an additional feature, this receiver will give you a light show while playing your tunes.

  • The colorful light show will be fun to stare at
  • Hands free technology gives you more functions in your car
  • The digital display may not attract some customers


The JVC KW R930BTS can hold 2 of your favorite CDs in the queue ready to go once you want to play them. This receiver works through a traditional digital display, so if you would rather find something that has a different type of display, you may be interested in the Pioneer avh-1300nex device. On this JVC model, you will now be able to stream your favorite tunes from Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, or from connecting via USB. Your sound quality will also be expanded to a 13 band EQ to adjust the levels of your music to your preference.

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An additional feature that is also a treat but doesn’t do much sound wise is the 2 zone variable color setting which gives you the ability to choose between 50 colors and mix 2 to give yourself a personalized light show as you are driving along with the road. You can adjust the majority of the setting through the remote control app that is available from JVC. With all these new features like digital music playback, you still get classic specs as a radio tuner included. If you would like to see some higher quality receivers that do a bit more, you may be interested in the Atoto A6 review device.

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“This JVC receiver is a great upgrade to any car’s stock radio receiver. It gives you playback through Bluetooth, USB, and streaming. Aside from the vast control of music through the 13 band EQ, you can gaze at the light show whenever you want. You can take better control of your driving when you don’t have to worry about using your phone to call loved ones when you have hands free technology having your back. If you would like your receiver to do more likes like play a DVD, you may be interested in the Boss audio bv9358b device.

JVC In Dash CD Receiver KW R930BT Wrap Up

With the JVC In Dash CD Receiver KW R930BT, you can connect iPod iPhone or Bluetooth devices to stream your music. If you can’t do that you have plenty of other ways to play music like using CDs, using streaming services installed on the receiver, or the USB input. This is a great upgrade for any older car for its visual effects and functions.