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The Jelly Comb USB charger is by far one of the most resourceful car chargers you’ll ever come across. It features 6 USB ports that provide a combined power output of about 65 Watts. It comes with smart identification technology so that it’s able to identify the maximum wattage that your phone could use to charge fast, and is compatible across all your Windows, Apple or Android devices. The multi port car charger is great if you tend to use a lot of different devices phones tablets, or if you’ve got a lot of passengers in your car. Stay put for this review and see if it’s the best car charger for you.

Why We Like It – Jelly Comb multi port charger review

The Jelly comb tower charger is one simple USB adapter that comes with 6 charging ports, and works with both Apple and Android devices. The charging station can be used as a multi device wall charger, and is the perfect accessory to have to always keep your devices powered.

  • Smart identification
  • 6 different ports
  • Works both Android & Apple devices
  • No Quick Charge 3.0 USB port


For anyone who wants to be able to charge multiple devices in their car, the USB charger jelly comb is probably their best bet. Unlike the hussell car charger, it’s got 6 smart charging ports that will not only work with phones, as they’ll also be able to charge other USB devices and accessories. Thanks to smart charging technology, the Jelly Comb USB hub is able to regulate the charge output that is dispensed to your device, so that you don’t end up with any problems that might damage it.


The Jelly Comb multi port USB charging station doesn’t seem as though it’s got a lot to talk about in terms of design, but it is light and compact like the maxboost car charger, making it suitable for whenever you need to power your devices on the move. The charge tower can be used to supply power to multiple devices, and comes with industry grade materials that make it long lasting. It’s 4.6 ft cable is long enough to make sure that people in the back also get access to it, which is great since they won’t have to leave their phone idle on the charging location or charging dock.


Shipped from the United States, this Jelly Comb tower charger doesn’t have to be restricted to your car. It can also be used whenever you have a setup that requires you to have up to 6 devices powered with optimal output. Unlike the amazonbasics coiled cable lightning car charger, the 6 port rapid USB charger can also be used as a 6 port desktop connection hub, as long as whatever you need to connect can be powered through a USB cord.

Jelly Comb multi port charger review Wrap Up

USB charging should no longer be an issue once you have the Jelly Comb multi port charger. You can also get the charge tower with free shipping if you order it along with some other items on Amazon as an Amazon Prime member.

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