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The JBL Club 1024 10″ Selectable Smart Impedance Subwoofer club series is a great choice if you want your car to blast your music as clearly and loudly as possible. This is a subwoofer from our list of the Best Car Subwoofer that is worth saving up every penny for.

Why We Like It – JBL Club 1024 10″ Selectable Smart Impedance Subwoofer

The JBL Club 1024 10″ Selectable Smart Impedance Subwoofer is an elite device that will upgrade your car’s sound system, and leave it with a loud, clean, surround sound. If you are tired of your stock setup, these subwoofers will give you powerful bass with a good amount of control.

  • Impedance switch gives your more controls over OHM’s
  • Wide frequency response
  • 1000 watts of max output power may drain your vehicle


The subwoofer has a peak sensitivity of 1000 watts which may overpower your vehicle so please be wary about your car’s power handling limitations. If you would like to find smaller subs for your vehicle, you may be interested in the Kenwood ksc sw11 compact enclosed subwoofer since it has a smaller watt output. This subwoofer will deliver powerful bass throughout your vehicle, and it is unique in the way of selecting the ohm impedance from 2 or 4.


The JBL subwoofer audio system comes in only a black design. The SSI selectable smart impedance is what allows you to switch from 2 or 4 ohms. To install it onto your enclosure, you will need a mounting depth of 5-5/8 inches to mount it firmly. If you would rather skip the hassle and purchase some subwoofers with enclosures included, you may be interested in the MTX terminator tne212d 200 watt enclosure device.


For what it’s worth, this JBL subwoofer is a great choice because not only will it drastically improve your car audio system with newfound subwoofer power, it will do so at a great price. Customer reviews show appreciation to JBL for their powerful design that doesn’t break the bank. If you are not convinced to purchase at this point, other car subwoofers you may want to look up are the Pioneer ts sw2002d2 8 inch shallow mount subwoofer models.

JBL Club 1024 10″ Selectable Smart Impedance Subwoofer Wrap Up

The JBL Club 1024 10″ Selectable Smart Impedance Subwoofer is a superb subwoofer that will give your car a new feel as your jam out to your playlists. The heavy duty voice coil, progressive spiders, and impedance settings will give you more flexibility and durability. As long as your car audio subwoofer power isn’t maxed out by the JBL’s output, this will be an affordable and premier upgrade to your vehicle.

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