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Updated January 25, 2022
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Many people will argue that one of the biggest advantages of using a mini split ductless air conditioner is that you’ll be able to set it’s indoor units & outdoor units around your house without having to make too many changes compared to the kind that you would when installing a window air conditioner. Others may be of a different opinion, and claim that it is the ability to individually control the temperatures of different rooms that would be most appealing about a mini split system. Whatever you may think, these air conditioners tend to cost a tidy sum, so if you’re shopping around for the best ductless mini split air conditioner, then you better be prepared to spend a decent amount of money. You’ll only need slightly above $1000 to get the Innovair air conditioning unit, so if this sounds somewhere close to your budget, then read on through the rest of this review to see what it’s got in store. You may also want to compare this unit with some of the top-tier air conditioners available today.

Why We Like It – Innovair Air Conditioner

The Innovair Air Conditioner might not be as well known as air conditioning units from other brands, but this doesn’t mean that it is any way less efficient. It’s got a 12000 BTU rating, a 17 SEER efficiency rating and can be controlled through your smartphone through either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

  • Self Cleaning and Auto Defrost mode
  • WiFi enabled to work with both Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
  • 5 Year Parts & 7 Year extended warranty
  • Relatively low SEER rating


The Innovair mini split air conditioner has a 12 000 BTU rating, making it powerful enough to be effective in a room that’s about 400 to 650 square feet. But if you need a more portable outdoor unit, look into Icybreeze Cooler, the best portable AC for camping. Now this Innovair unit also features a heat pump for warming up a room, as well as a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in the air. It is also similar to the SENL-09CD Senville mini split system in that they both rely on inverter technology to cool or heat anywhere there’s no central air conditioning, and improve the air quality.

Energy Efficiency

With a SEER rating of 17, the Innovair ductless mini split air conditioner doesn’t really match up to that of the WYS012A-19 Pioneer Mini Split at 19, meaning you’ll end up spending slightly more on your energy costs with the Innovair AC than you will with the Pioneer air conditioning system. Also worth mentioning is that the cooling mode only works at outside temperatures of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, while the heating mode works at temperatures as low as 5 degrees.


Unlike the DIY-12-HP-115B25 Mrcool mini split air conditioner, you won’t need to take out the filters on the Innovair air conditioner to wash them. Instead, the air conditioner features a self cleaning mode that helps prevent bacterial growth on the filters, and on top of that, the mini split air conditioner also features a smart defrost mode that’ll activate at certain temperatures to keep the unit functioning. If you prefer cleaning your ACs filters by hand, then you’ll love the Kenmore Elite Air Conditioner which comes with a clean filter indicator.


This particular Innovair ductless mini split air system is covered by 2 warranties. There’s a 5 year parts warranty, and a 7 year warranty to give you peace of mind as you purchase the product, and with whisper quiet operation, you’ll always be guaranteed a peaceful night’s rest.


Compared to a lot of other air conditioning units, the Innovair mini split unit offers relatively good energy efficiency, and since it comes with a wireless remote control and an installation kit, getting it set up shouldn’t be very difficult to do. Of course you could opt to have a technician install it for you if you’ve never done this type of thing before, and this would actually be the best approach to take to have it installed properly.

Innovair Air Conditioner Wrap Up

Those that value convenience and automation over everything else will be happy to hear that you’ll be able to control both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of this Innovair HVAC system through your phone, as it comes with WiFi ready, and works with both Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

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