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How to Use an Xbox 360 Gaming Headset on an Xbox One

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If you upgrade your console, learning how to use an Xbox 360 gaming headset on an Xbox one will save you some money. With the price adjustments between the two options, that’s money worth saving.

If you’re curious about headsets in general, check out our guides to using a gaming headset on a PC, using a gaming headset with iPhone, how to use a headset splitter, and how to use a gaming headset with PS4.


  • First, cut the audio jack off of both over-ear headphones. Then, strip the wires. Solder the correct wires so that you have a complete audio headset again.
  • Use your compatible controller to scroll through the sound window and test your audio headset. Make sure you try the chat microphone, as well.
  • You can use the Xbox Design Lab to create customized products like a personalized Xbox wireless controller. A custom controller can make a huge difference.

If you have the best gaming headset on the market, you want to stick with it even as you upgrade from the Xbox 360. Keep reading to learn how your Xbox gaming headsets pair with your Xbox One.

What’s the Difference Between Xbox One and Xbox 360?

There are a few critical differences between gaming consoles. The Xbox one was subject to multiple upgrades and additional features, including Improved controller capability and additional drivers.

The Xbox One is a step above its predecessor. Whether you use the Xbox Design Lab or buy a model at the base price, you can’t go wrong with this gaming system.

If you’re using your laptop computer to play, learning how to use a gaming headset with the Realtek audio manager provides better sound quality.

Connecting an Xbox 360 Headset with an Xbox One

Over-ear headphones are expensive, especially if their wireless headphones. Fortunately, wireless headphones pair easily with any system. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for gaming headsets that use an audio cable.

You can quickly get any headset to connect with a bit of effort. This is only worth doing if your old audio headset is costly, like those by Turtle Beach.

Insider Tip

Eligible purchases of an Xbox One headset may come with a 30-day trial of Xbox Live.


Purchase the cheapest Xbox One headset you can find. Cut off the audio jack, and put the Xbox One headset off to the side. You’re going to combine these separate jacks.


Cut and strip the wires of your Turtle Beach gaming, or whichever you have. Then, solder the wires together. You’ll connect white to white, red to blue, and gold to black and gold.


Once you solder those wires, use electrical tape to cover the wires tightly. Then, plug in the Xbox gaming headset you’ve modified into the headphone jack.


Use your Xbox wireless controller to scroll through the sound window. Check whether chat audio runs correctly and whether the sound quality is stable.


If you’re playing with friends, you’ll want to learn how to use a combo jack with your gaming headset. If you intend on hosting, that should be your next step.


If you don’t get rubberized grips on your elite wireless controller body, it’ll be challenging to keep a tight grip while gaming.


Does Turtle Beach make the best compatible controller for Xbox 360?

You want an elite controller for the best experience, like Turtle Beach. You can design an Xbox wireless controller with the Xbox Design Lab. Although Xbox Design Lab is expensive, it’s also an investment.

Can I use Turtle Beach gaming headsets with mobile devices?

Most gaming headsets will pair with mobile devices, even if you use a stereo headset adapter. Using wireless headphones is the easiest option.

How does an Xbox gaming headset connect to the console?

Unless you’re using a wireless device, there are a few options. Most of them connect through a USB port:

  • USB cable
  • USB-C cable
  • Splitter cable

What features do I want in my connected headset?

While the aforementioned features in this article are important, there are others:

  • Extra USB cable included for connectivity between devices
  • Rechargeable battery pack with hours of battery life
  • Controller compatibility with any wireless device
  • Comfortable design with a choice of colors

STAT: The first generation Xbox was released in 2001, and was the first video game console offered by an American company. (source)

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