How to Hack a Smart TV Camera

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Updated January 25, 2023

The number of smart TV users is forecast to grow to 119 million by 2022, representing about 58.3 percent of all connected TV users. As a result, some smart TV users fear that their TV’s camera will be hacked, showing hackers what is going on. Because of this fear, many ask how to hack a smart TV camera. What they are really asking is how to avoid being hacked. The notion of camera hacking on smart TVs came into the limelight when the FBI warned consumers about the possibility of being hacked. That all said, this is something we’d evaluate and thus preclude any that are applicable from our best TV list.


  • Some smart TV cameras can be hacked to watch you while you watch TV.
  • To avoid hacking, you may want to have a secure home network, including a password.
  • Be careful what links you click while on your smart TV.

How Do Hackers Get In Your TV?

If you own a smart Tv, chances are you probably know how to get internet on your TV. But you must keep in mind that there are risks involved with your TV connected to the internet, like hacking. Anyone who is trying to hack you will have to be on your home network. Because of this necessity, it would be a good idea to place a password on the network. Additionally, the hacker will need a computer, and they will try to get you to click a link on your TV or a smartphone previously used to control your TV. You can also learn how to connect your smartphone to your TV, it is especially easy if your TV has Bluetooth.

Once the hacker hacks your TV, they can utilize various features to change your TV. For example, they may obnoxiously change the channels or volume. Sometimes, they may play an inappropriate video while your children are watching TV. Other times, the hacker can activate the camera or microphone included in the set, allowing them to potentially watch or listen to what is happening in the room.


How to Protect Your Smart TV

As I mentioned above, you should set up a password for your WiFi network. Make sure this password is something that you will remember because you will likely have to use this password every time you get a new device or have a guest over. You may also want to change this password occasionally in case someone accessed it. While on the subject, it is important to remember that a number of devices that are connected to your TV can also be connected to the internet and therefore this would help protect them as well. Additionally, if you have a lot of devices connected and your entertainment center is flooded with wires, learn how to organize the wires behind the TV.

To protect yourself while your smart TV is on, you may want to see what features your TV has to block the camera’s view. For example, some TVs allow you to push the camera up for use and down when you’re done. Other TVs have cameras that can be turned, so the feed shows the inside of your TV instead. Additionally, the FBI recommends putting a piece of opaque black tape over the camera and removing it when you want to use the camera.

How to Stop Smart TVs From Collecting Data

In addition to cameras, your smart TV microphone and viewing habits inform brands of your data. Every time you tell your virtual assistant to do something, it activates the microphone. The virtual assistant also searches its server for the correct action, providing the server with your voice. You may also be interested in our regular TV vs smart TV comparison. Various smart TV brands insist that they do not keep these searches. Many smart TVs feature a tracking setting that allows the brands to watch what you are watching. Some of these brands include their setting for tracking in their privacy policy, which you agree to when you set up your TV. However, many of these TVs have settings that allow you to turn this feature off. There may be multiple settings, with one being for tracking content and another being for ad tracking. If your TV has a camera and microphone, you can get a new one that doesn’t have those to help ease your mind. Just remember to dispose of the old tv properly.


Do all smart TVs have Cameras and Microphones Installed?

No, some smart TVs do not have a camera or a microphone. However, these TVs may still be controlled by a smart device on the same network.

Can a smart TV be hacked?

Smart TVs can be hacked by malicious people as long as the hacker is on the same network and the settings are not secure enough.

How Do I Turn off the Camera and Microphone of a Smart TV?

The camera and microphone settings can be found in the “Settings” menu, but each brand’s menu is different. Do a quick google search for your brand to find out more information.

STAT: The number of smart TV users is forecast to grow to 119 million by 2022, representing about 58.3 percent of all connected TV users. (source)

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