How to Get a Headset to Work on Xbox

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Updated October 26, 2022

In recent years, Xbox headsets have become more selective, causing many to question how to get a headset to work on an Xbox. Before the current generation of Xboxes (the Xbox Ones,) you could connect a headset using a USB port on your Xbox 360.


  • You need the Xbox Wireless Headset or a wired headset with either a 3.5 mm cable or a 3.5 mm cable and an adapter to connect to the Xbox One.
  • When the Xbox One was introduced, Xbox limited the Bluetooth support to their official wireless headset.
  • You can transmit your Xbox One audio to your cell phone or another mobile device to listen on another Bluetooth headset by enabling the remote play settings.

However, Microsoft removed the support for these features, so Xbox gamers now have to connect their best gaming headset with a 3.5 mm audio jack, an Xbox-specific connector, or the Xbox Wireless Headset. As a result, many have also found themselves wondering how to get a gaming headset to work with a TV.

How to Hear on a Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Most gaming headsets can easily connect to the Xbox One through the audio port on the Xbox controller. However, if you have an older Xbox controller product, you will need an adapter that connects to the bottom of the controller and has a 3.5 mm audio jack. You can read more about this with our article on how to use an Xbox 360 gaming headset on an Xbox One. Like certain Turtle Beach products, you can also find some older headphones with an Xbox-specific design. However, if you are more of a PlayStation user, check out our guide on how to connect a gaming headset to PS3.

Insider Tip

If you want to hear your Xbox sound on a non-Xbox brand Bluetooth headset, you can use the remote play option on the Xbox app on your mobile device.

Otherwise, an Xbox Wireless Headset could be your best option if you want to connect directly to the Xbox itself. Some companies have created a product that can transmit the game sound to an app on your phone, which is another option. Finally, if your audio mix sounds off for some reason, check out how to fix the treble on a gaming headset. You may also want to learn about how to fix static in a gaming headset.

Connecting the Xbox Wireless Headset


Turn on your Xbox One or another current generation Xbox console and your Xbox Wireless Headset. Both devices need power to connect, just as your controller does, so make sure your headset has battery life.


Press and hold the green button on the back of the left earcup for a few seconds. Once you hear the pairing tone, you can release the button. At this point, the headset flashes the power light.


To connect to the console, you must press the pairing button on the console until the power button flashes. This button is also used to connect wireless controllers. The flashing will stop once the console and gaming headset pair with each other.


To connect with a phone or another mobile device, go to the “Bluetooth” menu in “Settings.” Your device may begin searching automatically, or you might need to press “Search.” Then, select the headset’s name in the list. The power light on the headset should stop flashing once it is connected.


After connecting, you can see your headset’s battery life on the Xbox screen. You also control the audio settings via the mute button on the headset or the sound settings on the console.

How to Connect to the Xbox Game Sound Using Your Phone

  • Time to Complete: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Needed:
    • Xbox app
    • Wi-Fi or another internet connection
    • Xbox One
    • Bluetooth-enabled mobile device
    • Bluetooth headset
  • Steps: 6


Enable remote play. Go to “Devices & connections” under your “Settings” menu. Then, select “Remote features” and choose “Enable remote features.”


Find and download the Xbox app. Simply search your app store for Xbox, which should come up immediately. If you already have the Xbox app, make sure you have the update that allows you to use the remote features.


Launch the Xbox app and log in to the account used on your console. The accounts have to match for this process to work, so you cannot log in to a different Gamertag/email combination.


Click the button that looks like an Xbox with signals coming off it. This button is in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen in the application.


Select “Remote play to this device” and follow the on-screen directions.


Set up your Bluetooth wireless headset connector with your mobile device as described in your user’s manual. Use the chat mixer to adjust your party voice level if you need to.


Many wireless headsets that use a USB dongle cannot be used with the Xbox One, but you can use them with a 3.5 mm cord connected to the controller.


How do I fix it when an Xbox One controller doesn’t recognize the headset?

Try unplugging and plugging the headset back into the controller. First, make sure it is plugged in all the way, especially if it has two levels. If that doesn’t work, make sure your microphone isn’t muted, and your headset volume is raised. These steps will fix this issue most of the time.

Are Xbox One headsets compatible with Xbox Series X?

Yes. According to Microsoft, all Xbox One headsets will be compatible with the new generations.

How do I control audio without the adapter?

You can control the game’s sound volume by pressing the Xbox button and scrolling over to the icon of a speaker.

STAT: Experience high-quality audio with a low-latency, 100% wireless connection to your Xbox console without needing a dongle or a base station. (source)

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