How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers

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Updated March 15, 2023

Figuring out how to connect Bluetooth speakers generally isn’t too tricky, and there are just a few things to understand before you do so. Most of the time, Bluetooth-enabled components are pretty close to plug and play in terms of functionality, but even the best Bluetooth speakers can occasionally have connectivity issues.


  • The first step when trying to connect Bluetooth speakers is to make sure they’re powered on and set to “discoverable” for the pairing procedure.
  • Once you’ve successfully paired your Bluetooth speakers to a device, it should remember them and connect automatically after that.
  • You can buy a Bluetooth receiver to connect to any non-Bluetooth or older pair of speakers easily.

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Bluetooth Speakers: How to Connect Them

If you’ve got a new pair of wireless speakers and are having issues pairing them with your smartphone or another device, there are a few steps that should do the trick for most situations. But you’ll need to read this guide discussing how to connect Bluetooth speakers to a TV, if you’re having issues connecting to your flat screen. We’ll go over the basic process for both smartphones and Windows desktops.

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Once you’ve paired your device to your Bluetooth speakers, they should connect automatically after that and be set as the “default” audio device.

Method 1: Connecting to a Mobile Device

  1. Make sure your speakers are powered on and put your device in pairing mode, either by pressing the “pairing button” in settings or by pressing and holding the power button.
  2. With an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, then Bluetooth, then Other Devices. Finally, tap on your speakers to connect.
  3. With an Android smartphone, go to Settings, then Connected Devices, then Bluetooth. Tap “Pair New Device” and select your speakers.

For both iOs and Android devices, you should only have to connect once to your speakers.


One of the most common reasons Bluetooth speakers won’t connect is that they haven’t been made discoverable before attempting to connect to a device.

Method 2: Connecting to PC/Windows

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth speakers are powered on and in discoverable mode for your playback device. Setting them to discoverable usually involves pressing a volume or power button and holding it until you hear a beep or until the LED turns a different color.
  2. On your Windows laptop or desktop, select Start, then Settings, then Devices. Finally, select Bluetooth & Other Devices.
  3. From this menu, select Bluetooth. Your speakers should show up as an option.
  4. Click on it and follow any further steps (there shouldn’t be any). Select done, and you should be all set.

Like with your mobile device, Windows should connect automatically to your speakers after setting them up once. Then you can quickly enjoy the sound coming from the best Bluetooth speaker with bass.

STAT: By 2024, the number of Bluetooth products expected to ship yearly will exceed 6 billion. (source)


Can you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously?

Some Bluetooth speaker models allow you to connect to multiple speakers simultaneously with a single device. Usually, this requires downloading an app from the manufacturer instead of just connecting via settings as you usually would. Not all speakers allow for this, though a product description usually mentions it if it’s an option.

Can you connect non-Bluetooth speakers to a Bluetooth-enabled device?

It’s possible to connect older or otherwise non-Bluetooth speakers to your PC, Mac, or mobile device, though it requires buying a third component, usually called a Bluetooth receiver. A Bluetooth receiver connects to your speakers via analog cable connections (1/8″, mini, or other) and streams audio data from your device so that it can be played through your speakers. These are usually inexpensive, though sound quality and maximum volume may be lower than with a direct proper cable connection.

How do I make my device “forget” my Bluetooth speakers?

Usually, pairing your device with your Bluetooth speakers once will set them to the default Bluetooth audio device, and they’ll try to connect automatically every time after that. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want this to happen anymore, go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and remove the speakers from the list of Bluetooth devices displayed. You may also be able to take them off the “default” setting, depending on the device.

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