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From our list of the Best Carpet Cleaner comes the Hoover smartwash advanced pet upright carpet cleaner. This carpet cleaner is ideal for pet messes and human messes as well and it has plenty of attachments to tackle gunk. There are specialized pet tools and auto clean functions that ensure that you are tackling messes most effectively.

Why We Like It – Hoover SmartWash Advanced Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover smartwash advanced pet upright carpet cleaner is the essential vacuum for pet owners. This carpet cleaner has smartwash advanced features that help you apply cleaning solutions and dry them out in a swift timely manner. The cleaner is simple to use because the automatic cleaning technology switches from washing to drying. You receive a few trial size bottles of the cleaning solution when you purchase this product.

  • Faster drying with the dry only mode
  • Stain Remover wand applies solution easily
  • Only provided trial sized bottles


The Hoover smartwash automatic carpet function serves to switch up from washing to drying automatically for easy use. There is a stain remover wand included which spreads the cleaner from the solution tank for better deep cleaning. Once you apply the solution, you can pull back on the mess to gently remove deep stains. You can cut time from the drying by using the auto dry only function that strictly uses heatpower. If you enjoy Hoover products, you may also be interested in the Hoover deluxe carpet washer fh50150.


These carpet cleaners are best for antimicrobial pet messes because they dissolve pet stains completely using an intense wash and dry process. The carpet cleaner has a clean water tank and a solution tank to help clear the messes. If you want to find more carpet cleaners that provide optimal cleaning, you may be interested in the Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable. The automatic upright vacuum has an 8 foot long attachment hose that you can use for furniture and hard to reach areas.


The Hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner is stacked with multiple features that provide a professional job. For that reason, it is slightly more expensive than other basic models. If you would like to see more high end carpet cleaners, you may be interested in checking out the Bissell professional cleaner machine 86t3. This smartwash carpet cleaner is best suited for pet owners looking for a cleaner that combats stains and odors left on the carpet. Thanks to the attachment hose, the vacuum provides a wide enough cleaning path for high foot traffic and tight areas.

Hoover SmartWash Advanced Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner Wrap Up

You can combat pet carpet messes significantly by going with the Hoover smartwash advanced pet upright carpet cleaner. Thanks to the automatic cleaning technology, carpet cleaning will be a breeze since the vacuum automatically changes from wet to dry. You can use the trial size bottles and attachment hose included to ensure you have everything you need to get rid of dirt and odors affecting your home.

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