What are Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

Grand Theft Auto Online is the multiplayer attachment to Grand Theft Auto 5. This mode features heists, 4 player cooperative missions with high payouts, difficult challenges, and unique mission types.

Heists are split into a series of setup missions with one big finale. The setup missions require the gathering of gear, vehicles or people needed for a big finale. The last mission can consist of robbing banks, breaking into prison or even hauling a gas truck full of drugs.

You gotta ask yourself, are you ready to make money Mr. Frankenstein?

While you can join heists at level 1, earning big money resides in hosting heists. To host a Grand Theft Auto Online Heist you need to achieve level 12, have a high-end apartment, and the cash to front for each heist. Below is a table listing the heists cost and payout depending on difficulty.

HeistCostEasy Difficulty PayoutMedium Difficulty PayoutHard Difficulty Payout
The Fleeca Job$11,500$57,500$115,000$143,750
The Prison Break$40,000$200,000$400,000$500,000
The Humane Labs Raid$54,000$270,000$540,000$675,000
Series A Funding$40,400$202,000$404,000$505,000
The Pacific Standard Job$100,000$500,000$1,000,000$1,250,000

Tips for Beginners

Here are some quick tips for Grand Theft Auto Heists.

  • Be comfortable driving a car, helicopter and jet. All three are necessary for at least one of the missions.
  • Armor is very important. Buy armor at Ammu-nation to keep that blue bar below your mini-map full.
  • Keep extra armor in your inventory. Equip it when you run out to instantly refill your armor bar.
  • Stock up on snacks. Like armor, they stay in your inventory and can be used to refill health.
  • Use a mask to lose wanted levels. Removing or switching masks removes 1 full wanted star.
  • Consider buying and fully upgrading a Kuruma. This armored sports car is incredibly useful in most missions.
This Kuruma can be considered a necessary for surviving the most difficult heists.
  • When you unlock the pre-mission setup, prepare two outfits. One for heavy combat, with heavy armor and weapons, and use regular clothes with a mask for the other.
  • If you have a mic, use it! Communication is very important for a successful mission.
  • Explosives are a high risk, high reward. They can kill a lot of enemies but also your teammates!
  • Remember to use the cash boost you get for finishing your first heist, $100,000, and when you have them all finished, $500,000.
  • After each mission, you earn Job Points or JP. This is just a ranking system for missions within the heist.
  • As a host you decide how much your teammates earn in each mission. The more you pay out the more likely you are to retain coop player for the next mission.

Starting GTA Online Heists

Lester is the man with the plan who introduces you to GTA Online’s Heists

Once you reach level 12 you receive a phone call from Lester, the mastermind of the single player campaign heists. After the call, there will be an L-shaped waypoint on your map. Visit the waypoint to start your Grand Theft Auto Online Heist career with the Fleeca Job!

The Fleeca Job

This heist is simple and acts as a tutorial for following heists. It requires 2 people, so invite a friend or leave the lobby open for your second member. The Fleeca Job contains three missions: Scope Out, Kuruma, and the Finale that we walk through below!

Scope Out

This mission is very easy. Start the mission, watch the cutscene then join Lester on a drive over to the Fleeca bank. Whoever isn’t driving will have to hack the bank’s systems. It’s a simple mini-game that you can see here:

Lester then directs you to his warehouse, you will meet Page, his assistant, and grab a truck. Head back to your apartment to complete the mission. Watch the quick cut-scene for the next step in the heist.


Remember to stock up on armor at Ammu-Nation.

This mission has you stealing the Kuruma, an armored car we advised for future jobs.

This mission starts with your first look at the mission preparation screen. You can change details such as payout, difficulty and job roles for members. From there you go into your loadout menu where you personalize your clothes and vehicles. Take your time to set up your loadout now, so you can save time in later missions. For now, bring heavy combat armor.

When the mission starts follow Lester’s’ directions. Then wipe out the gang and steal the car. The Kuruma will be the black armored car marked on your map. Drive back with your passenger fighting off any vehicular attackers until you make it back to the warehouse. Turn in the Kuruma to end the mission.


The preparations are finished, it’s time to rob the Fleeca bank. Start the mission and a short cutscene with Lester will play. Then go over all the details on the whiteboard to be sure you know what to do. You don’t need heavy armor but be sure to bring a mask.

Get ready for your first bank heist!

Drive to Lester’s warehouse, grab the armored car and follow the minimap to the Fleeca bank. During the drive, the other hiester will have to finish 3 hacks and then open vault door. With the vault open, put on your mask and get inside the bank.

Each of you has a very specific checklist to accomplish in the bank. The driver will shoot all the cameras then keep his gun aimed at the teller. There is a yellow bar in the bottom right of the screen that tells how intimidated the teller is. If it drops too low he will push the alarm button, ending the heist. Shoot around him to keep the bar high.

The other hiester will rush to the opened vault and begin drilling. This is another mini-game, follow the commands found in the top left of the screen to being drilling. You can push the drill bit hard but it could overheat. If is does, relax the drill so it can cool down then continue drilling out the lock.

Drill too hard and that drill bit will over heat slowing the heist and its success!

Keep in touch with your driller so you can have the car ready to go when he finishes. Drive aggressively as the cops will try to run you off the road right away. Follow the mini-map to find your getaway helicopter. Drive underneath his giant magnet to be picked up and taken away from the cops. You’ve finished your first GTA Online heist! Enjoy the cutscene and your hard won cash.

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