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The GooDee Mini Projector Review

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The GooDee Mini Projector packs a lot of quality in a small device, even if it’s not the best long-throw projector. Reasonably priced, this mini portable projector offers easy connection options, including screen mirroring from your smartphone with a separate adapter HDMI cable, making it one of the best iPhone projectors on the market.

Why We Like It – The GooDee Mini Projector

The GooDee Mini Projector is extremely portable, able to fit in your pocket as well as a smartphone, and easy to set up almost anywhere. An LED bulb and quality speaker ensure a good viewing experience for kids and adults alike.

  • Good value
  • Easy connectivity
  • Extremely portable
  • Native 240p resolution
  • No built-in battery


For its minuscule size, like the Elephas mini portable projector and Kodak Ultra-mini portable projector, the GooDee Mini Projector offers good performance. Supported full HD resolution projected through the LED bulb ensures good picture quality with less eye strain, though its native resolution is only 240p. This video projector has a contrast ratio of 500:1, and has a built-in speaker for surprising sound quality. Overall, this home theater system contends with the best mini projectors out there, like the QKK Mini Projector, despite its drawbacks. If you want a projector with good image quality, AV, VGA, and USB connectivity options, low fan noise, and long product life, try the POYANK Projector.


Despite its high quality, the GooDee Mini Projector only offers 50 ANSI lumens of maximum brightness, making viewing in lit environments impossible. In a sufficiently dark room or at night, however, the projector still delivers good image quality. In the presence of ambient light, unfortunately, this home theater projector just can’t keep up with other mini projectors, such as the TOPVISION Mini Projector, which offers 2,200 lumens of maximum brightness.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

One of the highlights of this projector review, the GooDee Mini Projector is designed for ease-of-use to make installation and setup a breeze. A manual focus and keystone correction ensure the optimal picture from a variety of placement options, with a maximum screen size of 60” from 2m away. An included remote control allows easy adjustment and control from the comfort of your seat, and the projector’s plug-and-play design makes for a quick and easy setup wherever you take it.


This GooDee Projector sports an extraordinarily portable case, with dimensions of just 5.31×3.94×2.36 and weighing only .59 pounds. The case is fairly durable to handle frequent travel, and hosts connections for HDMI, USB, and VGA. The bulb has an impressive lifespan, lasting 30,000 hours on average. For an even longer lamp life, the Elephas Mini Portable Projector boasts an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. The GooDee projector also comes with an 18-month warranty, and a 2-month refund policy.


Perhaps the GooDee Mini Projector’s greatest quality, its value is incredible. Few mini projectors can compete with the GooDee’s price, and fewer still can offer comparable performance at that price. While it may have its flaws, the GooDee Mini Projector possesses many quality features that make it an exceptional value at its low price point. Its incredible propensity for travel alone makes this a great projector well worth its price tag.

GooDee Mini Projector Wrap Up

The GooDee Mini Projector may have a low native resolution and no built-in battery, but it also boasts excellent connectivity and adjustability features, as well as quality performance for both images and sound. This is an excellent budget projector with a love for travel and will make for an excellent gift for your friends and family – or for yourself.

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