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Fingerprint Car Starter

If you wanna be the envy of all the dads on the block, you need the Biometric Car Starter.  It’s an aftermarket part that costs $700 and ships from none other than Skymall.

In terms of functionality it’s comparable to that of any kill switch you might find on a modern day vehicle.  We had them installed on our vehicles as a kid.  They prevent someone from starting your car unless they know which switch to flip – ours was the cruise control.  So, if you found the switch you could steal the car, provided of course you had the key or could jump-start a vehicle.

The Biometric Car Starter sits in plain sight, but unless you’ve got a registered fingerprint you won’t be able to start the car.  And in the event that someone uses your corpse of a hand – or they cut off a finger – the system is designed, in a matter of seconds mind you, to detect pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature.  It will also scan the capillary patterns under the skin to insure you’re alive.

Keep in mind that after market car alarms are usually a nightmare.  So if you can’t risk your car not starting, you might wanna take a dose of skepticism.  Plus it costs $700!  But hey, that $700 could make your car impenetrable to thieves and you the talk of the neighborhood.


4 Comments to Fingerprint Car Starter

  1. jeff

    How do you lend your car out to a friend or family member if it only starts with your fingerprint?

  2. mostafa

    Hello.I am student .I want a catolog abaut uatomobil starter with finger.
    Thank you

  3. Gavinr129

    The only way the parents could take kids keys away would be by chopping their finger off. Sweet

    • brian

      Leads to another question, does it replace the start button or add another level? Logically you should be able to use multi level authorization (key fob plus print)

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