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The Escort Max360 is the best radar detector you can buy right now (among other high-end ones too, no doubt). It’s price is a little high compared to its competitors and even other Escort products, but you will feel confident you have made the right choice when you take it for a spin in your car. Read on to learn more about the latest essential car accessories.

Why We Like It – Escort Max360

The Escort Max360 is a great device that will not only protect you from speed traps and red-light cameras, but will also let you know you’re own driving record when it comes to speeding and the speed limit of the road you’re on, just in case you forget or blew past the sign without having time to read it.

  • Directional arrows point you in the direction of a police radar speed trap
  • Escort Live App tracks local threats like speed traps
  • Dual Antenna for Extra Detection
  • Expensive
  • Not very discreet mounted on the windshield
  • Defender Database costs $19.99

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The Escort Max360 sports a pre-loaded defender database of red light and speed camera locations. The Escort Radar also comes with digital signal processing (DSP), directional technology, and smartphone connectivity. The GPS-enabled Autolearn rejects false alerts over time and the k-band works great. The unit also has two antennas for better detection of where a radar source is coming from. Check out the Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector if you’re looking for an Escort Radar with most of the Gizmos for a slightly lesser price.


As is the trend, the Max360 Radar Detector links itself to your smartphone using bluetooth and gives you access to Escort Live. Using the Escort Live app, you are notified of red light camera locations, local speed limit data, and even your own over-speed data, all in real time. The unit comes with a suction cup bracket which slides into a magnetic windshield mount. If you’re looking for something smaller and more discreet, we recommend the Escort Passport S55 for its smaller size and dark mode option.


As of this writing, the average speeding ticket in the United States amounts to about $150. Including how much your insurance will increase, getting a ticket is something you desperately want to avoid. To do that, you should be investing in the best radar you can, and Escort Radar Detectors are among the top in their field. The Max360 does cost a significant $500.00 though, so if you’re looking to test the waters first, the Valentine One or the Uniden R3DSP are great alternatives.

Escort Max360 Wrap Up

The biggest drawback to the Escort Max360 is its $500 price tag. Granted, if you’re on a budget this can make you run for the hills, but consider all the gizmos and extra protection you get just by paying a little more money. A database of traffic traps, smartphone connectivity, DSP, and directional arrows which point you straight to the source of the danger.

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