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Dragon Age Inquisition takes you back to medieval times in this action packed RPG. Roam the open world, collect items, craft weapons, defeat dragons, upgrade skills, and use it all together to find your way to the end of this game. Unlike previous games, now you can fully customize your party members to best fit the needs of your team. In combination with plenty of skills to upgrade, the combinations towards success are endless in this action strategy game. This game is available on the PS4, and Xbox One. Fans of other genres other than fantasy RPG can check out other great titles that made our best PS4 games, such as Far Cry 4.

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Why We Like It – Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age Inquisition is a massive medieval fantasy RPG that puts you right in the middle of a place in time where dragons and humans roamed the world together. This creation by Bioware is reminiscent of other great games such as mass effect, dragon age origins, dragon age ii, as it blends elements from past games to create this epic RPG that plays just very much like an action game with plenty of liberty to move and attack as one pleases. This is a great game for any fans of the medieval era that would enjoy taking a stroll to slay some dragons using a variety of power strategies.

  • Action-packed RPG
  • Massive open world
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Predictable strategies


This video game plays through a third person point of view. The actions available in the game revolve around attacking, using skills, and checking around for loot that can be used for crafting. Players use a combination of these attacks and skills to take out the enemies around them. While the story is unfolding through exploring new areas, there are a variety of side quests that allow the player to do more exploring in the open world and keeps the game interesting. If medieval themed games such as this one bores you with their gray color palette and lack of visually appealing atmosphere, another great title to watch out for is infamous second son, a superhero adventure located in Seattle, or Destiny, an adventure taking place in outer space.


The game does feel like a traditional BioWare classic like mass effect for its third person wide angle view. Roaming the open world in this dragon age will reveal the extensive grey palette of nature that gives it that old-fashioned feel. The dragons look massive when in combat and add some excitement when you are facing an enemy the size of a house. Finally, it is nice to be able to choose the right class of character to slay these dragons as well.


This game is currently priced less than a full tank of gas, which means it may be worth saving some miles and taking a stroll into this fantasy RPG. Fanatics of magic and all things dragons will be impressed by the open world of dragon age. Some of you might be intrigued to look at previous versions also. Overall, this is a good game if you enjoy something that requires a little more strategy. This game uses both strategy and action to overcome opponents, so the combinations you can use are endless.

Dragon Age Inquisition Review Wrap Up

This game blends both elements of action and RPG to create a wonderful experience for all. Players will get hooked onto this game through multiple customizable powers and skills available. While the dragons only come at you at a solid 30 FPS, it is still a game that holds up to true to life graphics. Not to mention, if single player wasn’t enough, there is a multiplayer option to share with your friends and family.

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