The stage is set for DirecTV vs. DISH vs. COMCAST in the biggest satellite and cable TV competition of the century. So between three of the biggest providers in the country, which one will come out on top? COMCAST is arguably the largest cable operator, with DISH and DirecTV following close behind as satellite TV providers.

Dish vs Direct or Comcast? Find out.

DirecTV vs. DISH vs. COMCAST: Three Companies with Three Commonalities

These three companies have been the leaders in the television industry for many years due to three huge factors:

  • Firstly, they are very aggressive when it comes to marketing.
  • Secondly, they aren’t content to just lie back and enjoy their profits—instead, they actively try to improve their products and services, bringing in conveniences such as Internet connection and telephone to the masses.
  • Thirdly, they have each their own unique brand of USP for differing levels of consumers.

So, which one is best for you and your specific lifestyle?

Take a look at the following features each company provides:


Having service provided by the largest operator of cable TV and Internet for homes in the U.S. can bring in lots of benefits, and having important communication and entertainment bundles (telephone, internet, and cable) can prove to be less of a hassle and an easier form of maintenance for some consumers.

These services are branded under the Xfinity name; the Xfinity TV has a lot of bundled channel packages for everyone. The most basic package is the Digital Economy, which provides 45 channels on a monthly fee of $29.99 for a year.


Consumers can get a lot of exclusive content when they choose DirecTV. The company has its very own entertainment network labeled as “The 101 Network” under the DirecTV banner. Along with that special content, DirecTV includes exclusive sports channels and packages such as the NASCAR Hot Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket and many more. Sports fans can definitely get a lot more for their money when they choose DirecTV to be their satellite TV provider. The most basic package is the Select, which provides more than 125 channels on a monthly fee of $46.99 for a year.

DISH Network

DISH has steadily been gaining more ground over the years, and has cemented its reputation to be considered as one of the best entertainment and satellite TV providers in the U.S. In order to see their content, you’ll need a dish and at least one receiver. Viewers have the option to choose either the DVR or Non-DVR equipment; the former provides the ability to record your favorite shows and watch them whenever you wish. The most basic packages are the Welcome, which provides around 40 channels and the Smart, which provides 55 channels on a monthly fee of $19.99 for a year.

Choosing a Provider that’s Right for You

Though these three big service providers might look the same in terms of channels, bundled packages, and equipment, there are several things that set them apart from each other. These advantages and disadvantages are important to know in order for one to make an informed decision, as to allow potential customers to see which services are best for them.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of DirecTV vs. DISH vs. COMCAST

Installation Fees

You’ll have to pay for an installation fee when going with COMCAST, whereas DISH and DirecTV won’t charge you installation costs as long as you sign up for a 24-month service contract.


Pricing between these three companies are versatile—basically, you pay for what content you’d like to see. You can pay more every month to access more content, or less if you’re only looking for a specific type of entertainment content. DISH has a monthly cost of only $19.99, but the channels are very limited and are marketed as “entry-price teasers” to acquire new customers.

HD Channels

DirecTV has the advantage because it offers full High Definition channels, which look amazing on larger, state of the art TV screens. As of today, they offer around 195 HD channels, and both DISH and DirecTV provide HD service for $10 more a month.


DISH is better when it comes to DVR capacity, which can hold double than what DirecTV can. The DISH Hopper and The DirecTV Genie can stream either Live or Recorded TV shows straight to your mobile devices using Ethernet or Wi-Fi with their apps, allowing viewers to use their tablet or smart phone as a smaller TV. This feature is one that COMCAST does not provide

Customer Service

Finally, people may also deem customer service to be a deciding factor when considering which content provider to go with. DirecTV and DISH have above average customer satisfaction, while COMCAST users have some general complaints about their company’s customer support. Hopefully, this DirecTV vs. DISH vs. COMCAST comparison sheds some light on the similarities and differences between the providers, and will help you choose an entertainment and TV service provider that will fit your lifestyle.

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  1. We live in NH. We have been using Comcast/Xfinity for years. All we ever seem to do is call them about different temporary issues such as: frozen pictures, being locked in to one channel, glitches in the picture, being charged for movies we didn’t watch, watching a movie and coming back to it and its changed to pay per view, and much more. They then tell you they will give you credit and when it doesnt show up, they say it takes a couple cycles. A couple cycles later and they say they have no record of the credit! It is a vicious circle and we’ve had it! Good luck with cable/xfinity!

  2. Went from xfinety to Direct and almost immediately regretted it , the damage their installers did to my home that was just built was sickening , it cost me almost three grand to replace the carpet when Stanley couldn’t clean it . They damaged trim , furniture and flooring . Then two days in it became overcast and the TV kept pixelating and froze for extended periods . Then I went to watch a basketball game and the scrambled picture made me miss most of the first half so I went to my neighbors and watched it on cable . I wound up paying off my contract with three months left and went back to xfinety

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