Directv Now vs Sling – Which Is The Better Choice?

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Updated June 27, 2022

There are so many live TV streaming services today. How do you sort it all out when trying to cut the cord? There are so many questions that cord cutters have when getting rid of cable. Is there a difference between Dish vs DirecTV picture quality? What channels cost extra? Does this include satellite internet. If you’d rather choose a different cable provider, check out our Comcast vs Dish network comparison. Let’s take a look at two popular live TV services: Directv Now vs Sling. We can cut through some of the confusion. Make sure you’re as informed as possible by also reading our Comcast vs DirectTv comparison.

Directv Now vs Sling
Which is better for your needs?

DirecTV Now vs Sling Pricing

Sling is owned by Dish Network, while DirecTV is owned by AT & T. (Though they may be selling it.) So both are offered as satellite TV alternatives. They aren’t meant to replace or be an entire service, so in both cases, they cost less and you get fewer channels and fewer features. So we are really talking about Dish Network vs ATT TV.

DirecTV’s pricing is more along the lines of cable television vs sling TV. You can start with a $59.99 a month -per-month plan that gives you 155+ channels, like HBO, Starz, Showtime and more free for 3 months. The Entertainment package costs $64.99 per month for 160-plus channels. The Choice package costs $70 per month for 185+ channels. Above that things can get very pricey. The Xtra package is $80 a month for 235+ channels. Ultimate is $85 for 250+ channels and Premier is $135 for 330+ channels.

Sling TV calls its TV packages Sling Orange and Sling Blue, which may be easier for customers. Each costs $25, but you can get both for $40. Sling Orange offers 33 channels, including ESPN, Playstation Vue and Disney. But it only allows one simultaneous stream at a time. Sling Blue has 48 channels, with Fox and NBC channels. You don’t get ESPN or Disney. This is why many choose both packages. Blue allows three multiple streams at once.

DirecTV Now vs Sling Channels

If you buy both of Slings packages, you get plenty of content for everyone. Lots of regional sports channels, news, and entertainment choices. Like Investigation Discovery, NHL Network, Animal Planet, NBA TV, Fox Sports, Cartoon Network, BBC America and the MLB network. The downside is that some channels just are not available at any price. Like ABC and HBO.

DirecTV Now lets you have ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News. And you also get HBO and ESPN, Comedy Central,  Disney Channel, National Geographic, Food Network, NFL Sunday Ticket, Travel channel, and live sports in the base package. The bottom line is that you get many more channels with DirecTV. DirecTV nows channel selection is great.

What Devices Are Supported?

If you’re going watch live tv streaming, you need a supported device to stream it through, whether that’s a set-top box or your mobile devices.

DirecTV Now has strong support for many different devices, whether it be a Roku device or Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast to name a just a few. But gaming consoles, non-Samsung smart TVs, and Android TV-powered smart TVs and set-top boxes will not work. Do you travel in an RV? DirecTV caters to RV users, which is a big plus.

Sling TV supports all of the above and more, clearly winning with supporting devices vs directv.

Directv Now vs Sling
We compare Directv packages to Sling.

DirecTV Now vs Sling On-Demand Content

Sling TVs ondemand content consists of about 70,000 titles. Access depends on your package.

DirecTV Now’s on-demand offerings are not as large. It offers about 40,000 TV shows and movies. Again access depends on your package. If this were TV vs DirecTV, DirecTV would win, but this is Sling TV vs DirecTV.

Bottom Line

It’s pretty obvious that Sling is the overall winner here. I feel like what Sling offers will please households more than DirecTV or something like Youtube TV. It is better user experience. However, it all comes down to what channels please you and what your preferences are. Each has a decent TV channel selection. Both are solid TV service providers for those who watch TV, but Sling wins out in the battle of TV vs live streaming. DirecTV vs Youtube TV vs Sling might be a worthwhile comparison in the future. Or Sling vs Hulu. Each has pros and cons, but today Sling wins.

If you are interested in pitting DirecTV and Dish ‘s channel guides against each other, we have you covered there as well.