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Compustar CS7900AS All In One 2 Way Car Alarm Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for an all-in-one alarm security system for your car, the Compustar C900AS is a terrific choice. Unlike many cheaper security systems, it offers two-way communication between the car and the remote control. It also has other fantastic features like remote start, keyless entry, and remote trunk release. This alarm made our best car alarm list thanks to its two-way response.

Why We Like It – Compustar CS7900AS All In One 2 Way Car Alarm

The Compustar CS7900AS car alarm can keep your car safe from intrusion and being stolen thanks to a host of innovative features like multiple module shock sensor sirens, and an LCD remote with remote starter, lock unlock buttons, and LCD confirmation.

  • Remote start keyless entry
  • Alarm siren
  • Two-way remote controls
  • Quite expensive
  • Additional installation parts required
  • Can be difficult to install


If you take your car security seriously it’s worth getting an alarm system that can communicate with you. Compared to most car alarm systems, the Compustar can inform you when any of its security sensors have been tripped. This alarm bundle has many key features like a dual-stage alarm sensor, 105dB alarm siren, keyless entry, and remote start. It also has a long 3000-ft range. The Compustar remote start alarm bundle comes with all the components needed for installation and has the bypass module, control module, and alarm siren included. A great alternative is the Viper 350 Plus.


The Compustar remote start alarm bundle is designed to be user-friendly and functional. Most car alarms offer a single shock sensor and some sort of anti-theft engine-start security, and no remote start car technology. You get this bundle with two-way LCD remotes. The LCD screen actively displays the car’s status and can inform you exactly which door is open or whether the car is started or not. This feature is extremely handy because you’ll know that someone is trying to break into your car even if it’s parked far away from you. The Avital 3100LX Car Alarm is a cheaper alternative.


Most car alarm systems have good value for money when you compare their cost to the cost of replacing your car. That said, if you’re going to spend money on an alarm system, you might as well get one of the best. The Compustar offers the same features as cheaper alarms, then adds much more in the form of remote keyless start, and having two-way communication. This alarm system offers excellent value for money and is the next best thing to a vehicle tracker like the CarLock 2nd Gen Real Time 3G Car Tracker.

Compustar CS7900AS All In One 2 Way Car Alarm Wrap Up

The Compustar CS7900AS All In One offers excellent vehicle protection. It comes with excellent features like a loud siren, keyless entry, and best of all, two-way communication. It also has a one-year remote warranty for added peace of mind. The Compustar CS7900AS may be more expensive than its rivals, but it offers more features and is worth the extra cash.