Cobra Rad 450 Radar Detector Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re tired of getting speeding fines, a Cobra radar laser detector might be the answer. This device offers unparalleled radar and laser detection to help evade police radar guns. Unlike many other radar detectors, the Cobra 450 offers 360-degree protection with no false alarms. It offers great protection, just like the laser detectors on our best radar detector list.

Why We Like It – Cobra Rad 450 Radar Detector

The Cobra radar detector has a long range and advanced laser radar detection technology to protect you from getting false alerts. It works on many bands including k band, ka band, and x band, and provides voice alerts and visual alerts on the OLED display.

  • Strong signal strength
  • K Ka, and x band operation
  • Voice alerts
  • No app
  • Volume a bit low
  • Might not be legal in some places


The Cobra radar detector offers excellent protection against most radar guns. It works on multiple radar bands including X, K, KU, and KA bands. It also works with six laser bands including LTI 20-20, LTI Laser, Kustom Signals Laser, Stalker LIDAR, Kustom Signals Laser 340, and Kustom Signals-Proslaser II. This radar detector also offers front and rear laser protection, a pulse warning, and VG-2 Protection. If you’re looking for a top of the range alternative, check out the Escort Max360.


The Cobra Rad 450 comes in a sleek and compact design. It comes in a stylish black and gold color scheme with a chiseled appearance. All the operation buttons are large and easy to reach with the volume dial on the side. This radar detector has voice alerts in both English and Spanish and comes with a dual suction cup mount, power cable with cigarette lighter adapter, and a one-year warranty. The Cobra 450 can detect most radar signals, and got great verified purchase customer reviews, just like the Escort Radar Detector.


Not only does the Cobra Rad 450 come at a good price, but it can potentially save you lots of money in speeding fines by evading radar guns. It works on multiple radar and laser bands and offers protection in both the front and rear. It also has both visual and audible warning systems for added convenience. This laser and radar detector offers fantastic value for money when you consider the potential savings. Another detector that provides incredible value is the Uniden R3.

Cobra Rad 450 Radar Detector Wrap Up

The Rad 450 is an affordable radar and laser detector that can potentially save you lots of money. It offers protection against multiple radar and laser bands and comes with both visual and audible warnings. It doesn’t have an app like some of the more advanced detectors, but it still does its job admirably.

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