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Catastrophe is hilarious because of the similarities that we share with the characters in real life situations like disease, pregnancy, and marriage. I feel like this is an extended version of the movie Juno except that this time around the pregnancy occurs at a good time, and the biggest obstacle is moving towards marriage. Pregnancy moves this couple’s relationship into lightspeed, but through their subtle jabs of humor at tough moments in life are what make this a show worth watching. While the catastrophe seasons feature the many challenges in relationships, there are other series in our Best Shows On Amazon, such as the Americans, or Babylon 5, that are challenging on a different level through action and adventure.

Why We Like It – Catastrophe Review

Catastrophe is a comical series on Amazon Prime Video starring a couple that started out as hook ups, but quickly turn into a full blown relationship set to be married, and have a baby all at once. Rob Delaney plays Rob Norris, the father to be, and the mother of his child Sharon Morris, played by Sharon Horgan. The gold in this show lies in the humorous jabs these characters say just when life seems to hit them pretty hard. This is the perfect show for anyone looking to laugh for a good while.

  • HIlarious subtle jabs
  • Progressively intense plot
  • Mundane Locations


Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney play a great couple. WIth the way the plot thickens, their perspective on stressful situations provides comic relief. This series is progressively more intense as it goes so it will keep you on your seat as you await for what will hit our catastrophe couple next. As far as acting goes, most situations in this show deal with mundane relationship problems so there is no crazy action here, if that’s what you’re searching for perhaps The Boys might be a better series to watch.


There is not much to depict on the design on the set. This series reflects the modern days so there is nothing out of the norm that deals with costumes. Design of the set consists of regular places people hangout at that being the bar, a strip club, airport, regular mundane places for a regular mundane show about trying to workout a relationship with a baby on the way. Lighting throughout the show is well lit so overall there is a pleasant vibe around the whole show.


If you’re looking for a comedic show about relationships and family, this is the series to watch. Catastrophe is a warm, soft show with subtle comedic jabs every now and then. The life situations that happen to our couples don’t seem to stop their spirit, so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. This is a show where everyone can feel a connection because the situations are common in all of us.

Catastrophe Review Wrap Up

The Catastrophe is a great show for anyone looking for a comical relief on relationships. The final season is already on Amazon Prime Video, so there is plenty to catch up on. Who knows what is in store for the catastrophe couple, but hopefully they continue to bring joy to misery as the show progresses till the final episode.

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