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Carlock 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3g Car Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The one thing that’s better than having a car alarm to protect your car is installing a GPS tracking system in it so that you’re always aware of its location. The Car Lock 2nd gen advanced real time car tracker easily tracks your car’s location, and is great for when you’ve given out your car and want to be able to monitor movement. The Carlock real time car tracker connects to your car’s OBD port, making it hardly noticeable to whoever’s driving. Make sure you get to the end of this review to find out if it could be the best car alarm for you to use, or if it could be one of the best car accessories.

Why We Like It – Carlock 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3g Car Tracker

CarLock monitors not only the location of your car, but also how well it is being driven, and gives you a monthly score from all the different variables that it monitors. You’ll always be able to get notified of suspicious behaviour, and since the tracker is an obd plug play type, you won’t need to go to your mechanic to have it installed.

  • Affordable monthly subscription
  • Car health monitoring through app
  • Easy to install
  • No starter kill feature


The Carlock system comes with both an alert system and trip tracking to ensure the utmost level of security, which is better to have compared to the viper 350 plus 3105v 1-way car alarm which you only get an alarm system before upgrading. Through its app, it’s able to let you know whether whoever has your car is drag racing by detecting hard acceleration, or stunt driving by detecting hard braking and sharp cornering. Users will also be able to get details concerning the health of the car on the app, and get notified about the status of the car battery. The tracker also offers real time car route history, where you’ll be able to see where your car has been.

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In terms of size, the CarLock Car tracker alert system comes in a very small package, and looks like a block of metal to anyone who wouldn’t know exactly what it is. There’s not much in terms of aesthetics to it since it’s meant to be out of sight. It weighs about 0.24lbs, and measures 1.99 by0.98 by 1.95 inches – pretty small by all standards. Also, it doesn’t come with a starter kill feature like the avital 3100LX car alarm does, but this could be brushed over by the fact that the CarLock tracker is easily controlled from a smartphone app.

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For the 2nd gen advanced CarLock system to work, you’ll need to sign up to a monthly subscription package that goes for about $9.60 per month for real time tracking, and as a sign up bonus, the first month will be free. CarLock uses a specially made app to relay your car information, and in real time notifies you of the whereabouts of your vehicle, even if it’s been driven outside the United States. The app gives a monthly safety score that indicates how well your car is being driven, as well as notifications about abnormally high battery drain. If you’re looking for a really loud siren though, consider installing the compustar cs7900as all in one 2 way car alarm. At 105 decibels, it gets pretty loud.

Carlock 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3g Car Tracker Wrap Up

With the CarLock 2nd Gen real time car tracker, you’ll get up to the minute reports on your device phone app, and stay in the know whether it’s your teenager you’ve handed over the car to, or you have a business owned vehicle whose movements you need to be aware about. If this sounds like the right pick for you, then go ahead and check it out on Amazon. If you’re a prime member and you buy it along other things, you might even get it with free delivery.