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Though the C Crane CC 2E is among some of the best tabletop radio listees, you’ll probably find yourself taking off the tabletop to your next adventure more often than not. With great functionality to get crucial weather updates and access to ham band, this is one serious portable radio.

Why We Like It – C.Crane CC 2E Review

This C Crane CC 2E portable radio is essential for those heading into the elements and in need of reliable access to weather updates. With access to AM, FM, ham radio, and NOAA weather band, it has everything you need from a reliable radio.

  • Access to FM, AM, ham radio, and NOAA weather band frequencies
  • Amazing battery life
  • Great, long range reception
  • Expensive
  • No AC power


As far as portable radios go, this Crane Radio is a bit more serious than the somewhat comparable Panasonic RF-2400D. The two radios are good for outdoor use, but the CC radio has a 2 meter ham band and it’s easy to get the latest weather alert. Battery life is very long, with up to 250 hours of run time. The sound quality is nothing to write home about, but the key is the good FM reception. The twin coil ferrite external antenna provides long range reception that you can rely on. The tuning knob is precise enough to easily navigate stations, and you can even preset five stations.


The C Crane has a simple, no frills design that you’d expect out of an FM portable radio. It’s battery powered, which is convenient for portability and slims the design because there’s no power cord. The radio’s controls are straightforward and intuitive. There’s even a line input and line output if you want to use headphones or input from another source.


The C Crane Company has clearly put in a lot of thought and work into building a great radio. It’s especially great if you’re into amatuer radio and enjoy scanning frequencies. That being said, it’s hard to get around the steep price for a no frills FM radio. At this price, you can get a top of the line model radio like the Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet. And for much, much less, you can get the Soundance SDY019, which also doubles as a wireless speaker. It all depends what you’re looking for, and this could be it if you’re willing to spend more.

C.Crane CC 2E Review Wrap Up

If you want a reliable radio for FM weather updates and access to ham radio, then the ultra portable C Crane CC 2E is a one-of-a-kind option. The design won’t wow you, especially at its price, but its functionality will make any avid radio user happy.

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