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Bosch is no stranger to great vacuums, and the Bosch BCS122GB continues that legacy as it makes its way to our best cordless vacuum list. Whether it’s hard floors or the ceilings above, this 6.5 lb Bosch cordless vacuum is easy to wield, while still providing great suction power.

Why We Like It – Bosch BCS122GB

Thanks to a high performing spin motor, the Bosch BCS122GB cleans top to bottom, ceiling to floor, with great suction power and even better run time, in addition to quick charging.

  • Up to 80 mins of run time, settings permit
  • Cleans top to bottom, ceiling to floor
  • Can quick charge in less than 1 hour
  • So-so dust capacity


As far as suction power goes, Bosch Unlimited BCS122GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaners can easily tip the scale to 4.5kPa of suction power. More importantly, it can run up to 80 minutes of continuous use, if settings permit and you’re using two batteries. The run time of one battery is 30-40 mins.

Speed & Efficiency

You can sacrifice some of your battery life for additional power, if you go from normal mode to turbo mode. This improves the speed and efficiency in which you clean. It’s exceptional at cleaning upholstery, thanks to its brush, in addition to having a flexible crevice tool, both of which reach problem areas.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Being so lightweight, the Bosch BCS122GB Cordless Stick Vacuum obviously has to make a few cuts. The bin capacity is somewhat smaller, only carrying about 0.4 liters. That’s okay, but not ideal; you’ll empty it frequently. And since it has a bagless design, keeping dirt from building up is necessary.


Despite its weight being under 6.5 lbs, the Bosch BCS122GB is still surprisingly higher quality than you’d expect. It’s a sturdy piece of hardware, albeit one made of mostly plastic and a bit of metal. If anything is the king of durability, it’s either the Dyson V11 Vacuum or the Dyson V8 Absolute.


In our eyes, the Bosch BCS122GB is an easy sell; it has just about everything you’d want in a cordless stick vacuum: a few handy attachments, long battery life, and great suction power. But if you want something that’s a vision of this century, then the Tineco Pure One S12 is where it’s at.

Bosch BCS122GB Wrap Up

If you know you’ll be vacuuming a lot, grab the Bosch BCS122GB, for the sake of its battery alone. You’ll be making a few extra trips to the trash to empty, but it’s a small price to pay for a device that can run for 80 minutes, and can clean top to bottom. It even charges in less than an hour, so you’ll be back at it in no time.

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