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No driver ever looks forward to flagging down another car on the highway whenever their car battery all of a sudden stops working. Nonetheless, we’ve all had to do it out of not having a portable jump starter of our own. Once you get the Beat it G18 though, jump starting your dead battery will no longer be a hassle. With the Beat it G18 you can freely install and run all of our coolest car accessories on the go worry free. The G18 portable jump starter has a weight of about 1.47 pounds making it light enough to carry around, and a peak power of 2000 amperes making it a very heavy duty tool. It has a battery capacity of 21000mAh which is higher than that of the Beatit BT-D11, and comes with safety features such as reverse polarity protection in case you mix up the terminals. Does it have enough to knock out the competition and be the best jump starter you can get? You be the judge. If you don’t happen to have any cables, take a look at how to jump start your car with or without cables.

Why We Like It – Beatit Jump Starter

The Beatit G18 jump starter is a powerful 2000 amp portable battery that most long-time users have come to hail as the best portable jump starter you can get without breaking the bank. With the car battery taken care of, you can take care of your devices’ batteries using the efficient Belkin Road Rockstar simultaneous dual car charger.

  • Small, compact & multipurpose
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Wireless charging
  • Low 12 Volts charging output


Most people would agree that a portable car jump starter is one of the essential items you need to have in your car just next to the air compressor. The Beatit G18 is as portable as jump starters get, and with a size smaller than that of the Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660, it shouldn’t take up too much space in your trunk. Despite being small, it also comes with some key features that other car jump starters don’t have. For one, the battery jump starter doubles up as a power bank you can use to power small accessories through a USB port. The car jump starter also has a high capacity lithium ion battery which takes about an hour to get to full charge, and this is a lot less longer than what other portable jump starters might take.

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The G18 portable car jump starter has jumper cables that stretch to 15.5 inches (longer than those on the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter) to offer the most convenience when fixing them to your car’s battery terminals. This can be very convenient especially if you’re jumpstarting a big truck or even a yacht. In addition, the car jump starter beatit also features an LED light and two USB ports for connecting a small accessory to the charging port. Also, the LED flashlight has three modes to choose from so that you’re able to get the perfect vision even at night. After use, it is recommended that you charge the lithium jump starter’s battery to full capacity so that it always stays ready for action.


Out of the box, the G18 battery jump starter screams of good quality finishing, and is definitely a tool you’re going to be using for a long time to come. It comes packed with a wall charger, a carry case, and an integrated Voltmeter that each jumper cable connects to. Regarded by long time users as the best portable jump starter in the market, the Jump starter Beatit is actually the first portable car jump starter to have a 10W wireless charger, meaning you can place your phone on top of the unit to get it powered up. If not, there’s also the option of using the charging ports through a USB cable, just as you would with the TACKLIFE T8 800A Jump starter.

Beatit Jump Starter Wrap Up

The Beatit G18 jump starter comes highly recommended by current owners, and is a great value buy if you never want to get embarrassed having to flag down other motorists when your battery dies down. It’s also more reliable than most power banks, and with about 2000 peak amps of power on tap, the G18 jump starts your SUV, firetruck or even yacht without breaking a sweat.

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