You knew it was coming, audiophiles, and sure enough, Bang & Olufsen has a 4K TV coming out, the BeoVision Avant. And, this being Bang & Olufsen, it looks pretty and is packed with features that exist solely to justify asking a whopping eight grand for this TV. Here are six of them! Do they rate with the best Tv brands?

1. Motorized Movement

First of all, the B&O team shows their continued commitment to adding parts to your television to break by adding movement to it. The Avant doesn’t just move side to side, though. Other TVs the company has made can do that already.

Yes, “automation” is a standard feature. B&O is classy, baby.

Anyway, it also moves towards you from the wall. Really. Admittedly, this is a $2000 option on top of an $8000 set, but another feature comes standard.

2. A Pop-Out Sound Panel

Yes, when you turn on the TV, out come the speakers. Seriously. They roll out like a drawer from underneath the tube. It’s absolutely useless, and we can see it destroying knickknacks and knocking over wine glasses in beautifully appointed homes across the world, but it does that. And that’s not the only fun, but useless sound feature!

3. “Three-Channel” Sound

You might be wondering what “three-channel sound” even is, as you’ve probably never heard of it. That’s because B&O made it up! The Avant really just has a set of stereo speakers and a third speaker in the middle for speech. Which is actually nice, to a point, but come on, this is being hooked up to an elaborate sound system and we all know it.

4. An Absurdly Overpowered Remote

Have you ever looked at your remote and thought “I wish this thing could turn on stuff that’s not even in the same room as I am?” Your cries have been heard, remote control fans; the remote for this set is so elaborate that it has three hot buttons, profiles, and will even turn on non-B&O stuff all around your house. Really, this exists solely for teenage boys to troll their sisters by turning off the cable box, but hey, at least the remote is awesome.

5. Automatic Light And Color Sensors

Admittedly, configuring your TV to the proper reaction is kind of a huge pain the butt, but by the same token, this is kind of overkill. Press a button and the set will detect not just your light levels, but also the color of that light, and immediately adjust the TV to properly fit the setting. Which is neat, but it might be the fussiest feature.


6. 4K

Finally, there’s this: It’s a 55″ monitor, so the 4K doesn’t matter one whit. You are never going to be able to tell the difference between this and your current 1080p monitor as far as resolution goes. True, it’s a Bang & Olufson, so it’s a really, really good monitor. But by the same token, the resolution issue makes shelling out $8000 for this kind of pointless. Too bad B&O went with the hype instead of making a better TV.

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