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There’s no worse feeling to find your car gone. Adding a car alarm system like the Avital can protect your car from thieves, and give you some peace of mind. The Avital alarm system has a number of security features like a shock sensor that connects to the car horn. It also offers keyless entry and a panic button. This security system made our best car alarm list.

Why We Like It – Avital Car Alarm

The Avital car alarm is an affordable security solution to protect your vehicle from car thieves. It comes with some great security features like an impact sensor, remote start, remote trunk release, and a starter interrupt.

  • Panic button
  • Shock sensor
  • Two remotes
  • One-way alarm
  • Limited convenience features like remote start system
  • The siren may be too loud for some people


The performance of the Avital exceeds most of the other car alarms in its price range and has received fantastic customer reviews. The 120dB siren will get triggered if anyone touches your car. As a failsafe, there is also an anti-theft starter interrupt to stop thieves from hotwiring your car should they be able to gain access. One of the more utilitarian features is the panic button which makes the horn beep and lights flash if you press a button on the remote. For an alarm with the wiring included check out the Viper 350 Plus.


The design of the Avital alarm system may be simpler than many other security systems, but it is still effective. It features a dual-zone shock sensor that provides extra security and also ensures that the alarm isn’t triggered accidentally. Both remotes are compact and have three buttons for numerous functions. This alarm system even features Clone-Safe and Clone-Hopping technology to prevent would-be thieves from scanning your remote control‘s signal to open the car. If you’d prefer to get a GPS tracker, the CarLock 2nd Gen Advanced Real-Time 3G is a great alternative.


When it comes to car security, a few dollars is a small price to pay to prevent your car from being stolen or broken into. The dual-zone shock sensor and audible alarm should stop people from getting into the car. If they still aren’t deterred, the anti-theft starter interrupt will prevent the car from getting hotwired. There’s even a panic alarm which you can use if you need to draw attention to the car or need to find it in the parking lot. Most customer reviews agree that the Avital car alarm offers exceptional value for money, just like the Compustar CS7900AS.

Avital Car Alarm Wrap Up

The Avital car alarm comes at a fantastic price and can protect your car from getting stolen. It has a combination of an audible alarm, as well as the anti-theft starter interrupt. Some features like remote start are optional upgrades, and you can add them later if you wish. Overall this is a good-quality, affordable car alarm system.

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