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The Pioneer AVH 1300nex multimedia receiver bluetooth SiriusXM ready radio model from our list of the Best Car Stereo will bring a whole new look and feel to your vehicle. This is a multimedia receiver that can access current music streaming providers like Spotify and Pandora so you can rejoice in joining your favorite stations. This is a great way to upgrade your audio system because aside from music, you’ll be able to play a DVD and show it right on the device’s 6.2” inch screen.

Why We Like It – AVH 1300NEX Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth SiriusXM Ready

Pioneer’s AVH 1300nex multimedia receiver Bluetooth SiriusXM ready model is the perfect solution for older cars since it allows them to use new features to stream music from a provider or even play a DVD. This model is touchscreen so it will be easy to navigate through. Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM users will reap benefits from this model.

  • The touchscreen makes for easier usability
  • Can play DVD’s
  • On the expensive end


The multimedia DVD receiver is a great addition for anyone looking to get away for a while and get lost in their favorite movie without using up your phone’s battery. Apple users will enjoy the apple carplay compatible appradio mode which will allow them to play songs and take calls right from the receiver. The appradio mode gives you all access to streaming services. The touch screen functions serve as the remote control, so it will be easy to navigate. If you would like to see similar models, you may be interested in the Boss audio systems bv9358b player.


The Pioneer device has a power output of 50 watts. You can integrate a backup camera to improve your driving skills. The device is navigation ready so it will take that toll off of your phone as well. If you were looking for a receiver without such a big screen, you may be interested in the Sony mex n4200bt single din bluetooth iheartradio for its slime design. If you decide to go with the Pioneer model, pandora siriusxm, and spotify works on it so you can log on to your account and enjoy your music through the receiver.


This audio video receiver by Pioneer ranked as the highest on our list. It is slightly more expensive than other options like the Atoto double android navigation bluetooth, but it earned its worth by giving you access to the latest streaming services, reads your DVD CD ROMs, and gives you the ability to control the majority of those functions hands free or through touch screen. Customer reviews revealed that most customers felt like their car as new thanks to the car audio upgrade.

AVH 1300NEX Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth SiriusXM Ready Wrap Up

The Pioneer AVH 1300nex multimedia receiver bluetooth SiriusXM ready model is one of the best ways to upgrade the audio system in your vehicle. It is compatible with most current Apple and Android devices and gives you touch free abilities like answering a call or choosing a music streaming service. If you ever get tired of music, the DVD video output will help entertain you by inserting your favorite DVD and watching it through the 6.2” inch wvga display.

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