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The ATOTO A6 review device performs a plethora of tasks through its Android software. It performs all the usual operations of a receiver like playing FM and AM radio, but it does more complex functions like connecting a Bluetooth controller to play apps straight on the screen. This is some of the latest and greatest from our list of the Best Car Stereo.

Why We Like It – ATOTO Double Android Navigation Bluetooth

The ATOTO A6 review device is a versatile Android car stereo that can perform a variety of tasks that will make you want to get rid of your stock radio to try out this experience. This is a great choice if you find yourself spending a good amount of time in your car.

  • The android device gives you access to the Google App Store
  • Dual Bluetooth will come in handy
  • May need to buy a new wiring harness for your vehicle


This device has a Full HD 7” inch touch screen. All the gamers will appreciate this device since they can have their phone and Bluetooth controller connect at the same time thanks to the A6 standard dual Bluetooth technology. Another neat feature on this device is the ability to download offline maps for GPS navigation in the event of lost service you will still have offline navigation. If you want to find something similar to this device, another option you may want to look into is the Boss audio bv9358b device since it has the ability to run DVD CD roms.


This ATOTO A6 double din Android car navigation device can receive wifi reception through the Android Marshmallow operating system and updates are sent when available. You can navigate through the touch screen on this device. You may connect to this device through a USB Wifi interface, Bluetooth connection, and auxiliary. There is a backup camera input for your vehicle that can give you added safety while driving. It also has multiple audio video inputs, a builtin microphone, a gesture sensor, and a factory steering wheel key control. If you enjoy your car electronics with complex functions like this, you may also enjoy the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX device as well.


For under 200 dollars, you can replace your stock radio receiver and add the fully loaded A6Y pro car entertainment multimedia device that you can customize in a variety of different ways through the android market. It will be hard to run out of space with these car stereos when you can add a Micro SD expandable to 256GB. Whether you need it as a radio tuner, bt tethering, navigation, or gaming, this device will fulfill those needs. The ATOTO A6 Android auto navigation device series is a high quality tool that brings your car right back into the present with interesting widgets and tools to use. If the ATOTO wifi device has not won you over yet, perhaps you may prefer something less complex like the Sony MEX n4200bt.

ATOTO Double Android Navigation Bluetooth Wrap Up

The ATOTO A6 series is a Full HD Android car navigation stereo device with a 7” inch display screen where you can see the content of your dash camera, or any apps you download from the Android market. They are more than car navigation stereos; They are heavily stacked multimedia devices with an Android support system. The map navigation, dual Bluetooth standard, and tethering internet functions will bring you more tools at your disposal.

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