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If you’re looking for one of the latest Android head units please try to consider the ATOTO A6. The ATOTO A6 Android stereo made our best car stereo list because of its incredible quality and countless features. It comes standard with a built-in GPS antenna, gesture control, and is compatible with a wide range of apps.

Why We Like It – ATOTO A6

The ATOTO A6 Android radio is jammed full of features and has exceptional performance. This double-din car stereo offers dual Bluetooth, dual Wi-Fi connection, and even gesture control. Because it works on the Android OS, it boots up fast and allows you to download apps onto it.

  • Android Auto
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Built-in GPS Navigation
  • Questionable customer support
  • No steering wheel controls
  • No video output


The ATOTO pro version has all the features of the previous A6 Premium. This Android car stereo comes with a max output of 45-watts x 4 and four channels RCA out. There’s a wide range of connectivity options including dual Bluetooth, dual Wi-F-i, and Android Auto. It also comes with functions like gesture control and has a rear camera input. Because this stereo runs on Android, the firmware is always being updated and more features are being added. If you need Apple Carplay, the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX is a better option.


The ATOTO A6 is a pretty much an Android Tablet mixed with a car stereo. It has a 7-inch touchscreen that can be customized to show less, or show more icons. The screen is large and easy to use with a vivid display. The A6 comes with three USB ports, which support fast charging, in addition to an SD card reader. Compared to most stereos, the ATOTO A6 goes the extra mile by having a built-in GPS antenna and coming with Google Maps as a standard feature. The Boss Audio BV9358B is a better option if you need a DVD player.


If you check on Amazon, the comments sort of gives away the value of this head unit. It has so many features that rivals in its class just can’t match. Some of these include gesture control, built-in GPS navigation, dual Bluetooth, and dual Wi-fi. It can also download your favorite apps from the Play Store and you can use them in your car. When you consider the price of this unit against its functions, it offers fantastic value for money. If you have a smaller single-DIN slot, the Sony MEX-N4200BT is worth checking out.

ATOTO A6 Wrap Up

This Android head unit comes with loads of cutting-edge technology not normally found at this price point. It doesn’t have capabilities to work with a DVD player, or have voice controls, but it has everything else you could want. Our ATOTO A6 review has found it to be an amazing buy with incredible value.

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