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Apple’s Right to Repair

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The Right to Repair movement has ushered in many breakthroughs concerning consumers’ ability to fix their equipment. These breakthroughs resulted in large brands issuing repair manuals, making factory parts available for purchase, and allowing a growing number of independent repair shops to work on gadgets. Below, we’ll dive into some specifics on Apple’s Right to Repair and what this means for those who own iPhones, Macs, or any other Apple device.

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Key Takeaways_

  • In 2022, Apple introduced significant measures to its repair program, providing an online hub where users can buy Apple iPhone parts and access repair manuals.
  • Apple has expanded its list of certified independent repair providers throughout the globe, increasing competition.
  • Apple continues to address growing calls for great Right to Repair and plans to unveil further actions regarding Macbooks and other devices in the future.

Another effect of the Right to Repair movement is the availability of specified kits that users can buy to help repair their devices. For this, we have a guide on the best computer repair kits.

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Doing self-repairs instead of taking your device to Apple-authorized service providers can save hundreds of dollars. Additionally, users can send old parts back to Apple and receive Apple Store credit.

Apple and the Consumer’s Right to Repair

The Right to Repair movement is an umbrella term for eliminating manufacturer restrictions, allowing product owners to repair or modify their devices more easily. And this isn’t only specific to electronic devices. Other sectors, from the automotive to agricultural industries, benefit significantly from expanding consumer rights. For example, we have a similar article explaining the John Deere Right to Repair movement.

But though the movement is expansive, today, we’re focusing on how the campaign has specifically affected Apple. For a long time, Apple enhanced the complexity of its products, making it difficult for the majority of customers to make any repairs. Only Apple authorized service providers were allowed to work on devices, meaning anything from battery replacement to fixing a display. Because of this, the market competition was stifled, resulting in higher prices.

But in late 2021, after growing pressure from repair advocates, Apple announced that they would roll out phases to help boost user access to repair. These changes came after Apple lobbied against the Right to Repair measures throughout the 2010s.



Every iPhone 14 model (except the Pro model) was redesigned with a more accessible repair layout.

The first phase of the repair process came in early 2022. As a first step, Apple released repair manuals and made many common repair parts for the iPhone 12 and 13 available, like batteries, display screens, and cameras. Then, for accessibility, the company created the Apple Self-Service Repair store, where all parts and service manuals are available for consumers to browse through.

The Future of Apple Right to Repair

Although the tech giant has made significant strides, many repair activists find Apple’s comments on the future of their repair resolutions vague. But there is hope on the horizon.

STAT: Apple expanded its program for independent repair providers into over 200 countries. (source)

Apple has announced that later in 2022, there will be more accessible Right to Repair material for Macbooks. Additionally, the iPhone 14, launched on September 7, 2022, was Apple’s most repair-accessible electronic device since the 2016 iPhone model.

If you want a more significant historical perspective of right-to-repair laws, check out our article explaining the IBM 1956 consent decree. And for more Apple-specific content related to the right-to-repair struggle, we have a fascinating article that answers what Batterygate is.

Apple Right to Repair FAQs

What has Apple done to make devices more repair friendly?

Apple has redesigned some of its devices’ internal layouts to create more accessible access to individual parts.

What are the Apple repair kits?

Apple allows users to rent repair kits. Users pay $49/week, and Apple will send users a box of tools to help take apart, repair, or modify their device.

Are Apple’s repair manuals free?

Apple’s repair materials, for both iPhones and Macbooks, are free and available to the public.

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