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Anker Powerdrive 2 Review

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If you’re tired of running out of power when you’re on the move, you might want to consider a dual USB car charger as your favorite top notch car accessory. The Anker Powerdrive 2 is compatible with Apple, Samsung Galaxy, and most other devices. This USB charger can easily charge two iPads simultaneously at the optimum charging speed. It offers great features and compares well against anything on our best car charger list. For another useful tool for your car, check out our Gadget Review: Griffin iTrip auto universal plus review.

Why We Like It – Anker Powerdrive 2

The Anker Powerdrive 2 is an excellent USB car charger that’s compatible with many different devices. It comes with two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. Thanks to the PowerIQ technology, this car charger can alternate the charging speed between 2.4 amps or 4.8 amps per port. For apple devices, you might also want to consider AmazonBasics Coiled Cable Lightning Car Charger with a cable that extends to 1.5-3.9 feet.

  • Two USB ports
  • Compatible with many devices
  • PowerIQ charging technology
  • Can be hard to remove
  • No Qualcomm quick charge
  • Not compatible with some devices

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The Anker Powerdrive dual USB car charger works with most devices and has a built-in safety system. The PowerIQ technology regulates the power through each of the USB ports to optimize the charge for each of the two devices. The MultiProtect Safety System regulates power output to stop surges, short circuits, or overheating. Considering the compact size, it’s amazing that this little USB car charger can push out 24 watts of power to charge two iPads simultaneously. If you prefer car chargers with fast charging capability please try the Hussell car charger.


The design of the Anker Powerdrive 2 is compact, yet strong compared to many other USB car chargers. It has a gloss black plastic body with a red ring around the ports. The compact body sits almost flush with the socket and makes it much harder to knock or break. Each of the two ports holds the charging cable securely. When your devices are car charging, there are also blue LED lights to give you the status. Despite no quick charge ability, it can still easily charge two devices. Another durable option is the Maxboost car charger.


This charger is compatible with devices from most major brands. It provides efficient USB charging at an optimized charging speed to protect your devices and their batteries. Apart from charging, the Anker Powerdrive 2 features excellent build quality. It can easily handle the cable being yanked out or being forced back in without taking any damage. This charger offers great features in a robust package and comes at a fantastic price. It offers fantastic value for money, just like the AmazonBasics Coiled Cable.

Anker Powerdrive 2 Wrap Up

The Anker Powerdrive can work with almost all devices out there. It has dual ports, which are powerful enough to charge two iPads at the same time. Unfortunately, it lacks Qualcomm quick charge capability, but still offers optimized charging to protect your device. This USB charger is durable enough for most day to day use and well worth checking out.