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The Amana brand has been around for a long time, producing home appliances since the mid-1900s. This expertise has culminated in the form of the Amana ASX14, a budget unit that punches well above its weight. It’s arguably the best central air conditioner for buyers on a budget, competing favorably against pricier central air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Amana Air Conditioner

The Amana Air Conditioner is a quiet, energy efficient air conditioner with great performance and very low running costs. If you’re in need of central air conditioning that won’t completely break the bank, Amana’s offering is well worth checking out.

  • Great energy efficiency
  • Decent price
  • Reasonably quiet operation
  • No variable speed fans
  • No two stage compression


The Amana Air Conditioner is a solid performer in many areas. It’s very efficient, it has little issue cooling a house, and it has nice-to-have extras such as an integrated filter. It’s worse at dehumidification than the Goodman Air Conditioner due to its single-stage compressor, but it’s superior overall to the Goodman GSX13 thanks to its efficiency and blend of price to performance.

Energy Efficiency

Like most Amana air conditioners, the Amana Air Conditioner is very efficient for its price range. It’s rated for 15 SEERs, placing it behind only much higher end offerings like the Carrier Central Air Conditioner, which pulls up to 19 SEERs. Running costs will be very low compared to most options on the Amana Air Conditioner, leaving little to be desired overall.


Amana equips the Amana Air Conditioner with a filter drier, which is exactly as it sounds: a combination of a filter and a drier. This helps keep dust and other small particulate matter out, while the drier helps prevent the build-up of condensation; without this, the tubing inside of the AC would freeze over.


Thanks to its filter drier, high efficiency, and just overall reliable design, the Amana Air Conditioner has no issues with durability. So long as the owner keeps up on maintenance (replacing the filter as needed, keeping coolant topped up, etc.), the Amana Air Conditioner should run for years to come, making it a very compelling option for the price.


Value is where Amana’s offering really shines. The unit is inexpensive to purchase, its running costs are surprisingly low, and though it does cheap out on some components, it doesn’t cheap out on anything critical and the parts it does cheap out on don’t impact it to any significant degree.

Amana Air Conditioner Wrap Up

The Amana Air Conditioner is a very compelling offering, bringing a low-cost, high-performance offering to the market. It’s very efficient, and it includes several features that end up significantly improving its longevity so long as it’s given basic periodic maintenance. It may not necessarily excel at anything, but it’s a solid jack-of-all-trades that doesn’t break the bank.

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