The NBA Playoffs are in full effect as the last four teams battle it out to see who will be the last two teams standing! But while basketball fans are tuning into to some intense games, hockey fans are just as immersed into their sport as the Stanley Cup Finals continue to be a nail-biting affair between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils. We thought we’d create a basketball/hockey Netflix streaming movie list so that you continue to get your fill of two of the most talked about sports at the moment!

20. The Puck Hogs

The comedy is about an amateur hockey team of losers is so bad that they have no choice but to disband after one final weekend tournament.

19. Hockey Mom

So this is more for the lady hockey fans since it’s a story about a single mom who organizes a team of women to teach her male co-worker hockey enthusiasts a lesson.

18. Slap Shot 3: The Junior League

A team of young hockey players with a knack for losing gets a chance to salvage its miserable season under the guidance of the nutty Hanson Brothers.

17. Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice

The comedy is about a hockey team with a roaster of one-time stars and would-be hot shots, the Chiefs are a team whose glory days are a distant memory.

16. Face Off

The romantic hockey-based movie is about a hockey player who falls in love with a peace-loving singer.

15. Miracle on Ice

The drama is based on true life events as a hard-nosed coach leads the underdog U.S. hockey team in a stunning defeat of the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

14. Kung Fu Dunk

This one might be a little out of left field but the movie is about an orphaned kung fu student blossoms into a basketball star when a street hustler tries to make money off of the young man’s talents.

13. The Minis

Dennis Rodman stars in this basketball comedy that’s about a little person who gathers his friends together to enter a basketball tournament to win some much needed cash to afford his son’s tuition.

12. Basketball Wives

The TV show features Shaq’s ex-wife and other team players as the reality series focuses on the girlfriends, fiancées and spouses of prominent NBA players, which means drama off the court. This is more for your chicks while you’re watching the actual NBA playoffs!

11. The Winning Season

A school principal asks his drunken dishwasher friend Bill to coach the girls’ basketball squad, changing Bill’s life as he bonds with the team.

10. Elevate

Four West African Muslim teens go to America to play hoops at U.S. prep schools, only to find that life is entirely different in the States.

9. American Streetballers

In this gritty tale, a troubled basketball player forges an unlikely friendship with a fellow baller through pickup games on the streets of St. Louis.

8. The Pistol: Legend of Pete Maravich

The biopic tells the story of hoopster “Pistol” Pete Maravich’s struggles with racial boundaries while striving to become the greatest player of all.

7. Hoop Dreams

The documentary tells the story of two boys from equally rough Chicago neighborhoods who use their BBall skills to get out of the ghetto.

6. The Street Stops Here

Kevin Shaw provides a glimpse into the life and career of basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr., a man who’s has a 900-victory record for his inner-city Catholic high school.

5. On the Shoulders of Giants

The film spotlights all-black basketball squad the Harlem Rens, and documents the segregated world of pro hoops during the 1930s.

4. 1 Love

The documentary mixes history, interviews and action on the court while detailing the evolution of basketball.

3. Something to Cheer About

The documentary tells the story of the Crispus Attucks Tigers of Indiana and how they became the first all-black high school basketball team to win a state championship

2. Fast Break

Gabe Kaplan stars as David Greene, a New York deli owner who moonlights as a basketball coach at pickup games around the city and then gets his dream job as a real coach at Cadwallader College in Nevada.

1. Hoosiers

A basketball classic, the movies tells the story of an, unlikable coach that incites controversy in 1950s Indiana while getting a small town’s high school basketball team into shape.

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