1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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80 Expert Rating

If you find yourself searching for the Best TV Antenna, it may be beneficial to narrow your search to the Best Long Range TV Antenna. And to this extent, thanks to its stable performance and exceptional range, you wouldn’t be faulted in trying the 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna. Especially if you live in the suburbs or a rural area.

Why We Like It – 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna

The 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna is another in a long line of successful 1byone TV antennas. This one in particular is designed, specifically, for long range, and it’s 100 mile reception area is a testament to that. Further, it includes a coaxial cable which is starting to become increasingly rare among antennas.

  • 4K Ready
  • Easy to Install
  • 85-100 Mile Range
  • No Mention of UV Protection


The 1byone HDTV Antenna gets both UHF VHF signals so you can enjoy both local tv channels and larger affiliates like CNN or NBC at the same time in full HD. Speaking of HD, much like the RCA ANT751R Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna, the 1byone is 4K ready, signal quality permitting.

Ease of Install

This unit, like it’s coussin the 1byone Indoor Amplified TV Antenna, comes with a coaxial cable. You may not think this to be too big of a deal, but you’d be surprised. Also included with the unit are a mounting pole and built-in high gain and low noise amplifier. Further, there’s also a J-shape pole for antenna installation.


It’s primarily an outdoor antenna, so superior construction is a must so it can survive tough weather conditions. Luckily, the unit is built pretty solid. Some other 1byone units have UV protection, but there’s no mention of that here. Another plus, it weighs a measly two pounds, just like the pingbingding HDTV Antenna, making it simple to carry to the roof.


The antenna can get between 85-100 miles of reception, which is fantastic. You can spice it up with an amplifier, but with reception this powerful it will most likely just stabilize images and reduce pixelation. Still, that’s always a plus. This extra range will be especially helpful if you live in the suburbs or more rural communities.


Continuing on this theme of range, the 1byone contains a low noise amplifier which helps to, well, amplify low frequency waves without them becoming distorted and causing pixelation. It’s just another of the many reasons the antenna is so well-rated and carries a 4/5 star rating over on Amazon based on a plentiful 1,694 ratings. You can also take advantage of free sand fast shipping when you purchase the Winegard FlatWave Antenna from Amazon.

1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna Wrap Up

If you’re looking for an antenna that is 4K ready, go with the 1byone Amplified Outdoor Antenna. Same if you’re looking for one with exceptionally long range and fairly easy to install. You should also get those coaxial cables when you can considering most antennas don’t seem to be including them anymore.

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