Why is My WiFi Booster Not Working

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Updated August 8, 2022

Regardless of whether you own a top-tier router, you may also need an extended WiFi network to deliver internet access to all connected devices in your home or office. But if your wireless extender isn’t giving you a good internet connection, you might rightfully wonder “why is my WiFi booster not working?” Read on, and we can help get your WiFi extender back online.


  • If your WiFi booster is not working, ensure all power cables and ethernet connections are firmly in place.
  • Next, ensure that your router and network extender are on the most current firmware version to avoid lingering software bugs.
  • Last, move your WiFi extender closer to your wireless router. It cannot broadcast your internet signal if the unit is out of range.

Why Does My WiFi Booster Not Work

While modern wireless devices have a good range, you may have a weak WiFi signal at the edges of your wireless network. A WiFi booster extends your signal strength if your wireless internet is stretched to the maximum extent of its range.

Insider Tip

Keep your directional antenna pointed towards the ceiling of your home or office. This is the best position to maximize your wireless access.

Most WiFi range extenders connect to your router via WiFi signals. Still, you can also connect an extender to your router’s ethernet port. If you choose to go wireless, you should learn how to check which devices are connected to your WiFi router. Your device list is in your router’s wireless settings most of the time.

That said, if your devices are still not connecting to the internet, you need to know how to connect a cable modem to a wireless router.

You Need a Firmware Update

If your router or WiFi extender is still on the default factory settings, you must update the router or extender firmware. Having the latest firmware program is paramount to your internet connection and keeping your devices safe from harmful computer code. In addition, firmware updates may fix lingering software bugs from the initial manufacturing process of your extender.

No Power

Look at the power light and ensure you’ve fully inserted your power cord into the power socket. A loose power outlet connection may cause hardware issues and reduced wireless range.

Loose Connections

If you’re using an ethernet cable to connect your WiFi network extender to the router, ensure it is fully inserted into the port on your router and Wi-Fi extender. A loose line will limit your extended WiFi network. This will also happen with travel routers, like the TP-Link WR802N. So make sure your devices are correctly plugged in.

Wrong WiFi Settings

Log into your router and check your WiFi settings. If you are in the wrong wireless mode, your range extender will not connect to your router.

WiFi Range Extender is Too Far Away

There is a combination of lights on your WiFi extender. There is the power light and the status light, and on most models, the color of the indicator light changes based on how close you are to your wireless router. For example, green lights are ideal, blue lights are okay, and a red LED light is not connected.


Do not allow your networking equipment to get dirty or dusty. Like other appliances, like microwave ovens, your router can overheat, leading to a connection failure.


Is My Range Extender in the Proper Location?

For best results, place your WiFi extender halfway between your router and where you want to extend wireless internet.

Where Do I Find My Model Number?

You can find your router’s model number on the back or bottom of the unit. If not, check the user documentation that came with your device.

Do WiFi Boosters Increase Internet Speed?

A WiFi booster will not increase the internet speed from your ISP. That said, it will make wireless internet more available to far away devices in your home.

STAT: According to a 2018 survey from the US Census Bureau, 92% of American households had at least one type of computer. (source)

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